I don’t think Christians in America understand the real spiritual battle that is happening in our nation right now and what could  happen in the near future. Many are resting and rejoicing in the election results, but are like the careless thousands in Gideon’s army who got down on their knees to drink water instead of lapping it with their hand to their mouth (Jud. 7). Many are still engaged in the post-election political banter, seeing things from their own limited perspectives – arguing for Trump, against Trump, arguing that his election is the judgement of God while others are celebrating it like it’s a major victory for making America great again, etc. But do we understand the potential dangers that lie ahead? Do we understand that our nation is moving closer toward the boiling point of greater civil unrest?

I must admit also that I was much more light-hearted the morning after the election when Trump won, but I’m no fool. The battle for the soul of our nation is just beginning. If Hillary had won the election we would be moving much faster toward a socialistic and atheistic type of government. It would’ve been an Obama third term on steroids. That socialist/atheistic ‘feel’ that has been in our nation throughout the 8 years of Obama’s administration would’ve been accelerated with perhaps no return. But contrary to the ultra right-wing conservative belief that Trump is the judgment of God against an unrepentant idolatrous church, the bottom line is that the Lord has extended mercy and delayed what I still believe could be the inevitable from happening.

I have a couple of genuine prophet friends who keep me informed as to what they are hearing from the Lord on a national level. These are not your typical celebrity self-proclaimed prophets who minister for glory and gain, but these are the few who are hidden and labor in relative obscurity, who have been stripped of vainglory and the itch for publicity. Years ago during the Kerry/Bush campaign one of them perceived a spirit attached to the Democratic party’s efforts and asked the Father about it.

He said, “It’s the spirit of socialism. It can be delayed but it won’t be stopped.” He then asked the Father why it couldn’t be stopped and He responded, “There are those in this country who want to make it like Europe, but that’s not what I’ve called this nation to.”

That spirit will put up a fight, as the Lord told him later, “The collapse will come when conservatives are in charge.” When the Lord spoke that to him, at first he thought it was purely an economic collapse, but now he sees it may be much more broad in the way of a cultural collapse of the American way of life.

I do not say these things to put fear into anyone in the body of Christ. The world will continue to walk in darkness and ignorance with those who are sensitive to the emptiness of their spiritual lives being gripped with fear, and then what I believe will be a subsequent seeking of the real truth as is in Jesus. My conviction has always been that there will be an even greater harvest of souls in the years ahead as the world and its governments teeter and totter on the brink of meltdown and further turmoil.

Not to worry, though, because this is our finest hour, Church! Stay close to Jesus and walk with the Father and you’ll experience His peace that surpasses all understanding. God is going to allow certain things to happen to get the attention of the Church. Do not look to Donald Trump to rescue our nation or make things so much better for the Church. Quit thinking of this election as a way to save the American dream. If making America great again means that to you, then you could be in for a rude awakening. Thank the Lord for His mercy extended to us and put all your trust in Him and not our government or president.

If God be for us, who can be against us? Stay tuned for more…



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