Look closely. Can you see it? Can you sense it?

Sniff the tension in the atmosphere.

Feel the oppression of the masses.

Look beyond the veil of this earthly realm.

Know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world (Eph. 6:12). The world doesn’t have a clue but we do.

Yet if the world looks within they, too can sense the emptiness and hopelessness in their own hearts of a world so in need of God and forgiveness and healing. Only one can satisfy this deep spiritual wound in humanity. It is JESUS.

Can you see and sense a parallel between world events and the Church?

There are revolutions and uprisings in countries such as Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and Venezuela among others. All of these countries are under political unrest as people attempt to escape the oppression and tyranny of their corrupt governments. The same thing has begun to happen in our own nation.

Even if Donald Trump does not win the election he has brought an awareness that will spread and may result in a movement of the masses. This could lead to greater riots and turmoil in our streets from a people seeking freedom from an ever increasing oppressive government and a general dissatisfaction with life as they know it.

There is also a revolution of sorts happening in the Church as Christians seek freedom from a different kind of oppression. The politics of religion and manipulative church leaders; the “don’t rock the boat” attitude that nurtures pastoral passivity; the lasciviousness that’s been birthed by the false grace message; the lid churches have placed on the move of the Holy Spirit and power of God that has produced a deathly predictability and sucked the liberty out of many of them; the lack of emphasis on what really matters – true repentance and making real disciples of all men.

These things are creating a holy frustration and divine dissatisfaction in many believers today who are sick and tired of the status quo. There is already an underground movement of believers in America who are leaving their churches to find God. Ouch! I know it hurts to hear that. This may increase if churches don’t quit preaching for members and money, and giving pep talks on how to improve your status in life. Their present Madison Avenue church growth tactics stand as much of a chance of surviving in these urgent times as a bucket of fried snow. Their methodology is doing one thing: It is increasing the level of believers’ frustration that will only result in a greater exodus when it hits the boiling point, and believers realize that they’ve been missing out on the true power of God and the genuine move of the Holy Spirit.

So we can see a restlessness mounting in the nation and in the Church as well. What will it produce? Hopefully, a desperation that will lead to heart felt repentance and humility beginning with our church leaders. Hopefully it will lead to a crucifixion of all our natural wisdom and pride and a resurrection of a complete dependence on God. Hopefully it will lead to  greater love and unity among churches that will deepen our bond during such turmoil and trouble in the world. The world must find hope in the Church and know that we are the true disciples of Jesus by our love for one another. I know my own affection for true believers has grown exponentially during such perilous times.

Either way, a spiritual hurricane is brewing. The vacuum of darkness in our nation and the social insanity is almost at critical mass. Something has to give. Many more will begin to seek God. Many more will seek to escape fantasy and find reality.

Church, as dark as it looks in our nation right now, this may well be our finest hour. Whoever wins the election does not matter as much as we may think. The spiritual battle is intensifying. The spiritual climate is about to change further. When the dark cloud becomes more visible the masses will run to the mercy seat.

Onward Christian soldiers…



  1. Amen. The revolution has begun. “People are looking for something worth dying for, so it will be worth living for.” God had heard the cry of those in bondage because He found a few who are willing to pay the cost for a revival that never needs revived. He has done this and it’s marvelous in our eyes. Away with prosperity prophets and those who fear the truth of our present spiritual lukewarmness. There is no negativism with God. There is only truth and righteous which must be proclaimed from the house tops. God Alway kills do His Life can come forth. There is no evolution in Christ Jesus. He doesn’t do makeovers. He redeems by the Cross and the Cross is a weapon that kills the old in order for the new to arise. We need leaders who will lay aside the old to embrace the new revolution.

  2. “..the lasciviousness that’s been birthed by the false grace message”. Oh my oh my oh my. There you go. Right there. Repentance obtains mercy. Period. Jesus did not repent. Not for Himself. Not for anyone. There is no grace for the sinner outside of mercy, and there is no mercy for the bold outside of repentance. Jesus did not condemn the world because the world stands condemned since Genesis 3:6. John came preaching repentance. Jesus came preaching repentance. If those supposedly “under grace” would realize this there could be revival. God have pity on this blind nation today. Sorry to rant but you struck a CHORD. You always, always do 🙂 -Ben D.

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