My wife is given to dreams from the Lord. In a recent dream I was very upset because there was food being cooked at a friend’s house that wasn’t prepared right. It was not good food and what was needed to satisfy and nourish the body. I was real stern and strong about the food’s lack of quality.

In the last phase of this dream there was a pastor in it who was very indifferent and uncaring concerning the situation of his church and people. He was so far removed from what the body of Christ was to partake of and do – completely unattached with no compassion. Carolyn was trying to get the pastor to look and see the dire state of things, but he was too indifferent and said that it was nothing. She tried to warn him before judgment came in the form of fires and floods, but the pastor told her he didn’t care. Clearly, he was a wolf with no real concern for God’s people.

When we inquired about the dream, the Lord said that this lack of good quality food with proper nourishment was the state of many churches today, and a fulfillment of 2 Tim. 4:3-4:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

Just as the wrong diet and poor eating habits affects the body, so too, the wrong spiritual diet affects the spirit. The Lord also said that a food and a nourishment will come now by the Spirit to correct error and problems in the spiritual body, and in a spiritual sense. Just as I wrote in a recent blog: in the natural, sugar causes many problems, so it is spiritually when messages tickle people’s ears and destroy vital spiritual operations in a saint and causes deficiency, deceit, and delusion. Deception always comes with these kinds of sweet tooth messages.

Here is a word the Lord charged us with that can apply to other ministers as well:

“Be aware of the Lord’s utterances that will come in places and in nations where you are preaching. These utterances will contain food and true meat for the people. Some will refuse it, but some will begin to partake again, and there will be restoration in their spirits, and deliverance, and they will be ready for My return.

“I will show you more unpleasant things to see and there will be an opportunity for many to hear the word of the Lord and change.”

When the needs of God’s people are not being met Jesus gets angry. This is the reason He cleansed the temple.

“Then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves. And He said to them, It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have made it a ‘den of thieves.’ Then the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them” (Mt. 21:12-14).

What we ought to see in the temple: Prayer and Power and the needs of the people being met.

What is currently being seen as in the days of Jesus: Prayerlessness, Powerlessness, and Consumerism (money used for man’s purposes).

Even when people refuse to change God still gives them a chance to hear and to change. He is very patient, but eventually He must act. Now is a very serious time for correction, reproof, and instruction given with authority by the Spirit of God. People must be prepared and made ready for the soon return of Jesus.


Many pastors are quenching the Spirit and not cooperating with God. Because many of them are not yielding to the Spirit and preaching the full counsel of God with utterance and authority, not only does deception occur but people do not  get properly activated in their gifts. What some ministers don’t realize is that the utilization of the gifts in God’s people will cause healing and fulfillment in their hearts. Too many are not moving in their callings and doing what they’re called to do and moving in who they’re called to be. Pastors must be ready to assist gifts and graces in others that will help accelerate divine activity in a body and in a community. This will open doors of utterance in an area. This is what the apostle Paul requested prayer for.

“Continue in prayer and watch therein with thanksgiving, besides praying also for us that God would open unto us a door of utterance to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds…” (Col.4:2-3).

The book of Acts is the model. In the book of Acts we see what open doors of utterance look like. We see what moves of God look like. We see what the activation of gifts looks like.

Almost a century ago the great apostle to South Africa, John G. Lake, had a mighty angelic visitation. The angel took him through the book of Acts saying:

“This is Pentecost as God gave it through the heart of Jesus. Strive for this. Contend for this. Teach the people to pray for this. For this, and this alone, will meet the necessity of the human heart, and this alone will have the power to overcome the forces of darkness.”

When the angel was departing he said: “Pray. Pray. Pray. Teach the people to pray. Prayer and prayer alone, much prayer, persistent prayer, is the door of entrance into the heart of God.”

That’s why the temple of God is to be called a house of prayer. It is effectual prayer that opens doors of utterance where the word is preached in power and demonstration and the deepest needs of the people are met.



  1. The fact that so many Evangelical Christians want to vote for Donald Trump is a good indication that the church in the United States needs a severe house cleaning! When it comes to choosing leaders, the Bible never tells us to choose “the lesser of the two evils” as most of my Christian friends (many of them being pastors, evangelists, apostles, and teachers) are doing. Even though they have virtually no chance of winning the election, there are third party and write in candidates that are more godly running for the presidency. I just voted for one via absentee ballot who is the strongest candidate against abortion, gay marriage, and supreme court judges ruling over us than any other candidate. We Christians need to rally around a godly candidate, even if he has no chance of winning (supposedly) than around an ungodly candidate who is the worst presidential candidate of his party that his party has ever had.

    • We do not see as God sees and know as He knows. I believe He is working and responding to the prayers of the righteous. He saved Saul who became Paul. He struck Herod and he was eaten of worms and died. Both were great persecutors of the Church and God dealt with both of them in different ways. To God we pray. In God we trust.

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