On the heels of our return from Oregon where God opened a supernatural door of utterance for us, the Holy Spirit continued to minister to us concerning revival and how to carry the move of God in prayer and in His wisdom.

Here are some prophecies recorded during our prayer session that may be of some benefit to you:


“So learn this and understand this now, that whatever is born of God, whatever is birthed of My Spirit and the things of My Spirit, so too shall it carry a revisiting of the anointing and the intercessions and supplications of the Spirit.

“For you have asked me “how do I pray? How do I go back into these things?” For you have learned how to go forth into the future and to pray with Me and those things that I am touching, but I too now show you something that is of Me and is of truth, and must be also done.

“Pay attention to these things for what has been born of God and of Me also carries the direction and anointing to go back and to pray further, and for Christ to be formed and for My will to be done, and for a move to continue, and yes, in those places You will see and move and deal with things that would be hindrances and that which would stop what is born of God.

“So pay attention to not only where you are going now and what is ahead, for you have learned this well, but pay attention to now what is behind, for what is born of Me also carries an anointing to go back and revisit and cause it to move and to go forth into the fulness and be finished, for what I start, I finish. So therefore it carries an ability to be covered in intercessions and supplications. So pay attention to this, too for I teach you well, now My daughter. This is how it is done. This is how it is. So even as I touched you to go back where you were and visit those things, so shall I do in the days ahead. And it will carry and not lose what I started.”


“For you see, things can be conceived and not carried forth into the birthing. And so it is with my pray-ers and so it is with My ministers when something is spoken by Me, oh they jump into it and they jump ahead and they rejoice in that which was spoken but do not pay attention that that which was spoken must be carried forth in continued prayer and watching over that which was spoken so it can come to pass. So do not abort, for many miscarry and many abort My move and My spoken word and that which I desire to do. Do not be as one of those but carry this forth in prayer; carry it forth in your heart until the birthing of it. Then when a child is born there is great rejoicing and their joy is full.”

That’s it. That’s it. Thank You Father.

(At this point we discussed briefly how in the Brownsville revival they were saying that people get tired in revival and need to sit, and rest, and be pastored and can’t live in constant revival. Certainly, the physical body needs rest, but not a rest from revival and the moving of the Holy Spirit. Does not the Holy Spirit reside on the inside of us? Does He not make everything new, fresh, and alive?)


“And there was a move of God, but is not God’s will to move continually? Is it really as these men have said in a way of worldly wisdom that there are peaks and valleys in God? But where do you see a peak and a valley in the ministry of Jesus in the gospels? Where do you see peaks and valleys in the book of Acts? Where do you see that? It is continuous. For the will of God is for the continuous flow of the Holy Spirit – always, everywhere, all the time. Some say that everyone needs to rest as if to say that they need a break from revival and the moving of the Spirit.

“But did I not say that those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary and walk and not faint. So that too, is man’s wisdom that people cannot be in revival continually and that they need to rest and be pastored and need to sit. Does not My Spirit produce rest and renewal and refreshing? And even though the body gets tired and even decays day by day, is the spirit not renewed day by day? So stay in renewal, stay in revival, and keep moving with My Spirit.”


You’re the great Holy Spirit. You’re the great teacher. It was not God who stopped those revivals, but it was man who got in the way and wanted to do their own thing and their own plan and traditions


“The whole head is sick; the head of man is sick.

“The head of man devises ways, and techniques, and methods that are not of Me, for the carnal mind is enmity or hostility against God (Rom. 8), so do not listen to carnal men and the wisdom of men. Keep moving with My mind for does My word not say that you have the mind of Christ. As the Spirit teaches you, you have His mind. So move with His mind and move with His Spirit, and you shall continue to be fruitful and multiply (laughter).”

Every move of God is birthed of Him so it carries all the qualifications of being fruitful.



  1. I’m so grateful for this! My heart has always known that remaining in a state of revival was not just desirable but healthy, but I too have been told that one cannot “live” on revival and the thrill of the environment created by the move of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for sharing this and setting things right.

    • Hi Tracey McClung! (-:

      Just as I told the last reader, we tend to look at the environment created by corporate revival or outpouring, which is so awesome and desirable and necessary. But individually, we can keep moving with God by having Him move in us – a Spirit-filled life according to the scriptures (Eph. 5:18-19; Col. 3:16). As Wigglesworth said: “I have revival everywhere I go because I live full of the Spirit.” That tells me I don’t have to wait for it, but I can embody personal revival and be a greater blessing to Christ’s body as a result.

      Continued blessings on your new marriage.

  2. While reading this week’s blog, I saw the moving of the Spirit more like an ebb and flow rather than “highs and lows.” Interestingly, we do say high tide and low tide, but it really is an ebb and flow of the water, the water never disappears, nor do we say it came and went away. It just comes in waves, but it’s always flowing.

    Years ago, John Wimber taught how the Holy Spirit would move in waves (there’s that same analogy!). In his conference, we experienced a wave of the Spirit and manifestations would happen throughout the crowd and then it would “lift” or “ebb”. Pastor John would point that out and say, “Now just wait, just wait for another wave.” And sure enough, several minutes later, you could sense another stirring, another wave and manifestations were felt around that huge Superdome. I, at one point, felt a heaviness like a weight on my shoulders and then something shot through me like a force. Not a minute later, Pastor John said, “Now some of you are feeling a heaviness like a weight on you, that’s the Holy Spirit.” Very powerful stuff. . . learning how the Spirit of God moves and learning how to cooperate with Him.

    By and large, we are ignorant of this today. We don’t know how to stay still long enough to learn. Letting God be God. We are ready to leave service just when the Holy Spirit is about to move and do something glorious in our midst. We are a Western culture, easily distracted, knowing little about stillness, meditation, and a contemplative life. That sounds like something out of monastery or convent to us.

    We have raised a generation that goes from one activity to another and is easily bored if they sit still. I use to tell parents in our congregation about the need to teach their kids how to “dial down.” A good time to train them was 30 minutes before bedtime—just sitting quietly reading a book and saying a prayer. It wasn’t just so they would sleep well, it was a way of training your body and your mind to “get still on purpose” so they would learn how to prepare to pray, to meditate, to wait on the Lord as part of their life of worship. I could tell that word fell on deaf ears. No wonder people don’t know how to hear from God or wait on God as adults.

    So when revival comes to town, we fit it into our model and then wonder why it doesn’t become a continuous ebb and flow of the Presence. I sure don’t pretend to know much at all, but how many times do we have to do it wrong before we realize it’s about learning of Him and doing it God’s way. I want to learn; I want to move beyond that experience and grow in the things of God. I want to cooperate with the anointing so it flows in waves. I so desire for the Body of Christ to taste an encounter with God and draw the masses of unsaved people into a place where no one can deny Who God is, that He is, and experience His “matchless, unbroken, companionship” (Isaiah 30:18 AMP). It is time for this outpouring to hit us like a flood. That day in the Superdome so many years ago, we learned that the Holy Spirit would have continued to flow in waves as long as we stayed and waited on Him. He doesn’t tire; He loves us and wants to commune with us and minister life!
    God bless.

    • Barbara! That is really good stuff! Thanks for sharing. In my post and the prophecies shared, one emphasis was also in having the Spirit moving in us and staying renewed according to Is. 40:28-31. And there is a difference between individual and corporate revivals or moves of God – entering into a move of God vs. having the move in you. Remain blessed!

  3. Years ago when I first heard about some of the historic revivals, I read books, and enjoyed learning more about them; my son did as well…he prayed “for a revival that wouldn’t quit”. That’s God’s reality as you’ve written! I pray, more than anything, that these crisis times (including political) would all be heading to the fulfillment of God’s heart — and we know that’s the redemption of souls!

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