You care about these elections, but the Lord is saying that you are not to care. You are not to care as you have cared. For your care must now be in these things – in the advancement of my kingdom and things of My Spirit that I have spoken even unto you this day. Your care must now be about the kingdom of God. For I tell you now that it doesn’t even matter even to Me…oh, it seems hard to believe even as I speak that it doesn’t matter even to Me who is the next president of the United States. For My eyes are on the Church now and My eyes behold the glory that is to be and that is to come on My Church and My eyes behold My bride and My glorified ones who are moving with me now. My concern is for them and for My kingdom to continue to advance in these last hours.

For there is a harvest yet to be reaped and there is a manifold wisdom of God yet to be displayed in and through the Church to the world, and that is where My heart and My will is touching even now. And all those who are walking close to Me are seeing and sensing the same thing and the burdens of My heart and My desire to have a Church and a bride that would be clean and pure and shine bright and display My wisdom and My power in the earth. For many will not come into My kingdom until they see the great demonstration and display of My Spirit and of My power in these days. And it is waiting and available for My Church and My body to tap into, but they are distracted with the things of the world, even these things that are happening in the political scene in your nation now have become a distraction.

But I would have you fix your eyes now on that which is important to Me, for it is My kingdom and it is My Church that must rise in this hour. It is My ministers that must move now in the demonstration of My Spirit and in My power in this hour. For I am jealous over My people and I am jealous over My Church and I am jealous over My Spirit that I have put within them whose been limited and confined and held back. Oh, for He must come forward and He must speak and He must show forth that which has been in the plan of God and in the mind of God for My Church and My people.

Bring forth My mind. Bring forth My will. Bring forth My plan. It is only those who are in the Spirit and understand the mystery of My Church that can come forth in this hour and show forth My will in the earth. For many others will not understand, for there will be a division even among My people and even now it has already begun – division between spirit and soul, and a division between those who understand and those who do not, a division indeed between those born of the Spirit and who understand the ways of My Spirit and those that do not. Do not let this division sway you for it must be and has always been from the beginning. For those who are of the flesh cannot walk with those who are of the Spirit.

So stay in the Spirit and lead the way for it’s a new day.


  1. Ever thing is on target except for the part of not caring who will be the next President. You have to be careful that you don’t speak out of your human spirit as Thus Saith the Lord. Sometimes we float our own feelings into a Prophecy as the LORD when it is just ourselves. All prophecy must be judged. The Lord desires to move in all realms of this Nation that His Holy Will might be perfected in this Earth. He sets up Leaders and others He dismisses. I meet Trump in the streets of NYC & witnessed to him about 20 minutes about the 2nd. coming of the LORD & repentance unto God. This was about 40 years ago. He listened politely for those 20 minutes. At the end I said one word to him-President. He asked me President of what? He also said that he didn’t have any political aspirations. Then he departed. God knows the end from the beginning. I don’t have to defend myself as I know this is the truth. God chooses who He chooses and sometimes He speaks it before hand. Yours in Christ Jesus, MRB

  2. To the extent of what the Word says, I am still praying for all in leadership and those to come. It is not my primary focus tho as His Kingdom is what is of the utmost importance, our biggest focus. I’m still believing that God is not thru with America yet, there are still millions, (I believe) who are praying for America and its people.

  3. The sentence that stood out to me was “Don’t care as you have cared.” I don’t think Bert is saying ‘Don’t vote’, but is saying that we need to keep this election and what is being said by the pun dents in perspective. I for one have allowed misquotes and comments taken out of context to upset me; this is not helpful and is even distracting from the advancing of God’s Kingdom on earth. We need to vote, but not let the process or the outcome become our focus. By the way MRB, thanks for sharing your testimony about Trump.

  4. Holy fire, I heard those two POWERFUL messages you spoke at Harvest Army and I totally agreed with that word as did Bishop K.D. Collins. Revival will come out of Judgement. I am not concerned with the Elections, however, my heart grieves over the lawlessness and the wickedness that has taken over America. God’s heart is for the TRUE church to be ready for the souls that will come during the Judgement. Whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not God has weighed this nation in the balance and we have come up short. Judgement is definitely coming to this nation and has already begun. America has hardened its heart and love their sin more than turning to God. It’s It is time to stop the bickering Church and get your house in order. If JESUS comes while you are bickering and fighting one another you will be left behind. God is Holy and He will not tolerating SIN in any form. That is the Bottom Line! We should know that and shame on us if we don’t.
    God Bless you Holy Fire.

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