What can I say? It is difficult to describe the richness of the way God is moving here. I mean, how does one describe the freshness of a morning when orient pearls abound on every blade of grass, or the loveliness of a stunning sunset that leaves you breathless and in awe of the creation of God?

What a sight to see leaders this morning bowing at the altar and humbling themselves before our God! His refining fire has come with so much love and grace that has made Him irresistible?

A holy invitation went out this morning from our glorious King and Bridegroom. It was the song of the Lord and it went something like this:

“Dance with Me; don’t dance with the multitude; run with Me, rejoice with Me, sup with Me as I do with thee…let us have a love affair; fall in love with Me as I AM with you. Dance with Me; don’t dance with the multitude.”

The multitude referred to the many hucksters, charlatans, and false ministers who deceive many with their smooth words and their lust for fame, popularity, power, and money. There are multitudes of them in this nation and others as well.

The Lord has been cleansing His temple, the hearts of His shepherds and leaders, while sending out this holy invitation. Lust for the ministry has been contrasted with a pure love for God and people. The pride and impurity of motives have been severely dealt with by the Lord. Man’s ego, lust for fame, popularity, influence, power, recognition and the approval of men have been crushed by the Lord’s zeal for His house and temple. What is emerging now as they see themselves in the light of God’s heart and Word is a humility and purity of heart that the Lord is crowning with His presence and glory.

And that is only a brief report of the morning leadership/pastoral sessions. The night meetings have been highlighted with wonderful manifestations and demonstrations of the Spirit and power of God. It is a move. Each night is different. We did not come here with a few sermons and a song. We came with a vision of what we knew God wanted to do and say to this nation and the body of Christ here. But each day brings forth new manna as we wait on the Lord. We have fallen in love with this nation and its people again, as we did in days of old when we lived here nearly 25 years ago. Then, we came in as only sons, but now we re-enter as fathers.

The revival that our apostolic team helped to ignite 25 years ago in this nation has greatly waned. The zeal for God’s house has digressed into commercialism and merchandizing the precious things of God and desecrating His temple, our very hearts.

When I read Is. 1:10-17 in one session you could hear a pin drop, as I proclaimed to them that God hates their feasts, assemblies, programs, and religious activities if they are not connected to His heart and meeting the real needs of the people, especially the poor and downtrodden of their cities. There are orphans, widows, and needy people everywhere as we compared pure religion that God approves of versus that which is an abomination to Him .God is doing a deep work in the hearts of the ministers and saints in attendance who have availed themselves to be in these meetings. And for that, Carolyn and I are very grateful. He told us that this would change an entire nation if they would hearken to this word and carry it forth in their lives and churches.

Just last night a call was made to the younger generation to receive the baton of the move of God and to learn of Jesus and enter into the compassions of His heart for their nation and the move of His Spirit.  Seventy young people responded to the call. The host bishop, Julius Laggah, who again, was a young student in our Bible school from 1990-1992 that I mentored, met with all of them after the service and is going to begin pouring into them and training them for evangelism and outreach. My heart rejoices that the fruit of this God ordained assignment will indeed remain.

One visiting pastor from another nation was overjoyed because we ministered to him privately by revelation and the laying on of  hands. The anointing of the Lord came on him and favor for securing an orphanage in his nation was released. Callings and assignments like this have been confirmed in others. One elderly woman, who was also a former student in our Bible school, told us that she has a ministry to the beggars of the city and is doing a great work, mostly in obscurity.

We continue tonight and will finish the full week of meetings tomorrow. We are so full and fulfilled with the communion we’ve enjoyed with the Lord this week, and how He continues to share His heart and word to us and through us for this nation and His body.

Thank you for the faithful remnant who are praying for us. There are added expenses at home when we arrive. We would appreciate your prayerful consideration in sowing into our ministry at this time.

All For Jesus,

His messengers,

Bert and Carolyn





  1. Sir, I lead a prayer team that is seeking the God of revival and transformation. I believe that what is happening there is about to happen in our community. We are praying six days a week three to five hrs a day. There is a sense that God’s Presence growing stronger almost ever day. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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