I write this for the benefit of our faithful remnant of partners and those who follow us and care for us.

Tomorrow we will be on our way to Sierra Leone, West Africa for a week long series of citywide meetings with churches and pastors/ministers represented. This nation is one of our former homes where Carolyn and I first lived as honeymooners during our first two years of marriage. Blessed time it was!

From 1990-1992 the work there exploded even while refugees poured in from neighboring Liberia during the terrible civil war. In 1992 the war spilled over into Sierra Leone and the US Embassy recommended all American citizens leave. The devil did his best to stop the work, but it continues to this day with multiple thousands of trained Bible school graduates working in the harvest fields of West Africa and beyond. The main Bible school we helped to launch there is now headed up by a couple who were trained and discipled by Carolyn and I. They have a national ministry and are well known in Sierra Leone.

As another example of the effective discipleship that our Bible school did, the host of our citywide meetings was just a young 19 year boy who served on the evangelism team I led on the streets each week. Now he is a bishop of one of the larger works in the city of Freetown. Oh, the fruit of discipleship! Such a rewarding and fulfilling thing to see.

Many judge ministries such as ours and say that we have no church, no building, no paid staff, and no real base, and so it is not worth much, so they think. But oh, if they knew the privilege we’ve had of teaching and discipling so many and seeing many of them go forth and do greater works. That truly has been the greatest joy we’ve had in 30 years of ministry.

Now we are in a different season of ministry with a mandate to draw forth in prayer, wisdom for the body of Christ for the day we live in. In this regard, we know in our spirits that there is wisdom to be imparted and utterances that the Lord wants to release now, that is going to speak to the core of the body of Christ in Sierra Leone and in other places as well. This utterance is already pressing against my lips, and my sense is that it may even change the landscape of Christianity there. The word of the Lord can do that where it is believed and received. This is another one of those divinely strategic ministry trips and heavenly assignments.

A number of years ago a prophecy was given to us. It spoke of us getting off a plane with a team of people and taking a nation. Honestly, I’m leery of such high and lofty prophecies and do not usually give a lot of credence to them unless they come through proven and seasoned vessels. In the mouth of two or three witnesses this prophecy has been confirmed, and this trip is the beginning of the fulfillment of this word.

Caution must be exercised in the interpretation of an aforementioned prophecy like that. We make the mistake of misinterpreting such prophecies. That prophecy does not mean that a nation will be changed because of a week of meetings. It does not mean that in a few days the entire nation will turn to God. Rather, it simply means that God can anoint His servants with holy utterances that help initiate a spiritual momentum which becomes a pivotal turning point in the Church and the nation. In prayer that is what we’ve been sensing.

Please pray for these strategic meetings, that our ministry may be fully received, and that we will have utterance in the Holy Ghost (Eph. 6:19). Pray for our protection, too.

Also, pray for the nation and people of Sierra Leone. They have suffered much death and destruction through a civil war, and then more lives were lost due to the recent Ebola crisis. This is a very poor nation with resilient people. We are bringing in several boxes of our books that we are virtually giving away (selling them at cost), along with some clothing.

Lastly, if you’d like to contribute financially toward this trip or to our ministry, you may do so here:

Thanks and God bless you.




  1. I don’t call it chance that I found your site and follow you. I truly believe all those that follow you on here are for a purpose and intercession for you and the work God has called you to do. You will definitely be in my prayers. God bless you.

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