I received the following communique from a FB friend not too long ago. This exchange encouraged me and confirmed once again that my observations on the present state of many of our Pentecostal/Charismatic churches are indeed accurate and something every true minister needs to be concerned about. I deal with all these things in great detail in my new book, Passing On The Move Of God To The Next Generation. These kind of comments/exchanges with other leaders in the body of Christ further assures me that we are hearing the heart of God in this matter, and have touched something very dear and important to the Lord in this hour of Spirit apostasy.

Here then is the exchange.

“I just finished reading your excellent article about the diminishing use of tongues in the church. Thank you for stating what so many of us are sensing.

A few years ago, I was emailing back and forth with Jack Hayford about this subject. Jack said he was concerned with the same issue you address. For some reason many in the current generation of Pentecostal/Charismatic pastors are not making room for these demonstrations of the Spirit. This has created a generation of young leaders who are not opposed to the things of the Spirit, but have simply not seen it demonstrated in the life of the church.

As a young man during the Jesus Movement, I attended a conference at Bethany Bible College in California. During worship an old saint left the platform and walked up to me and embraced me. He began speaking in tongues in my ear. To a Baptist boy this was something strange and new, but it felt so right. That experience was so profound it changed the course of my life.

I wanted to simply connect to affirm your astute observation. I hope you and I see the return of this powerful gift to a wider audience within the church.

My response: You echo my sentiments exactly when you say that young leaders are not seeing the demonstration of the Spirit. This is because much faith is being placed on the wisdom of men (1 Cor. 2:4-5).


And then, as often happens from reading one of our articles, another minister in Australia, who personally knew a man who walked and ministered with Smith Wigglesworth, contacted me and shared a dream this man had of the importance of passing on the baton of the move of God to the next generation.

The dream featured a funeral of a former Olympic athlete all dressed up in his coffin, having already been prepared for burial. Like a final clue to an unsolved mystery, a closer look in the coffin revealed a baton resting by the athlete’s hand. The symbolism of it is so compelling. The dead man never got to hand the baton off to the next runner. Likewise, we have ministers and generals in the body of Christ that have not been able to pass on the things they’ve seen and learned because the younger ministers did not receive it.

We must understand that there is not only an apostasy from sound doctrine in many of our churches today, but there is now a growing apostasy and/or neglect of the demonstration of the Spirit and the power of God.

I received another message recently from a couple in their 50’s who had to leave the “deadness” of their church because its leaders are not allowing the Holy Spirit to move. They are presently looking for another church and they asked me if I knew of any Spirit-filled churches I could recommend in their area. It is surprising to me that they cannot find another Spirit-filled and Spirit-led church anywhere in the area where they live. We have received such requests like this before.

And finally, as further proof of this Spirit apostasy that has spurned from a new methodology (seeker-friendly churches) and philosophy in mainstream Christianity today, we just received news of a mega church in a large city in America that has dwindled to almost nothing because they chose to go this route (many others going this route are actually growing numerically). Although this was disheartening to hear, it was encouraging to know that many believers are finally waking up and realizing that something is wrong. What a grave mistake it is to close the door and limit the workings of the Holy Spirit in the local church. This mega church paid a big price for following in the way of Baal. The devil has our nation in his grip and now he’s coming after the church.

I’ve poured out my heart in my new book. I hope you get a copy. This is not about the sale of a book, but about the Holy Spirit NOT being for sale.




  1. “The devil has our nation in his grip and now he’s coming after the church.”

    I don’t agree. The enemy can never get the nation unless it has first got the church! Daniel 4:17 is instructive.

    What I am sensing is that there is a tremendous shaking which is being followed closely by an exposure and then the True Kingdom of Father remains.

    The MIXTURE is the biggest deception. A believer can walk into a church and have an encounter with The LORD because of the condition of their heart. The atmosphere and the mindset of the believer to seek The LORD would have helped create that encounter but it does not mean that everything that is preached in that place or the person ministering is right with The LORD. However many believers get involved with the place and the minister. We are told to seek The LORD for our teaching and guidance.

    The mixture is being exposed presently at an accelerated speed calling believers to a personal relationship with Father. Unless people are thrown out of the “establishment” church mess, they may never learn to fly. The political reality of the establishment being destroyed is a reflection of what is happening spiritually.

    Let us get back to being believers in Yahshua Ha Moshiach (Jesus the Messiah) before organized, pagan mixed religion deceived us – The book of Jude is instructive if read with the history of what happened to the early believers in The LORD. They exploded with His Might and Power so much so that the political system caved in, not to bless but to control. It was a case of, “join them if you cannot beat them.”

  2. “The devil has our nation in his grip and now he’s coming after the church.” Re. my comment that I do not agree – we saw Israel always fall spiritually first before they became pawns to destruction or were overtaken by their enemies. Two examples are the battle of Ai and their captivity by the Babylonians.

    The Jews teach that their enslavement in Egypt after they were favored under Joseph was because they got entrapped in the ways of Egypt which included their spiritual practices of divination. They also teach that only about 20% left Egypt. The rest decided to stay back in Egypt and were plagued like the Egyptians. Of the 20% who left there were those still into divination – the golden calf was a result of a creation involving such divination.

  3. Years ago, Brother Kenneth E. Hagin said that if people were not taught how to flow in the Holy Spirit that that expereince could be lost in one generation. When he was in his seventies, he was led by the Lord to once again hold Holy Ghost Meetings to teach God’s people how to flow in the Spirit and experience the move of the Holy Ghost.
    I was a student at the time and I recall Brother Hagin saying to our class, “now, give me some time to get back into the flow of holding this type of meeting” since it is different from conferences where teaching is the primary objective. And so he obeyed God to save a generation from losing that experience of flowing in the Spirit.
    I believe we are in the generation that is losing that witness and reality in our lives because most ministers don’t have a clue of how to be used of God in this way. And if Brother Hagin had to get ‘back into the swing’ of flowing in the Holy Ghost in that dimension, how much more would it take most pastors who have never experienced flowing in the Spirit to teach their people this kind of spiritual sensitivity and yieldedness? Maybe we need some Holy Ghost Meetings to cause people to hunger for more than what they are settling for and so they can ask their pastors, why don’t we have a move of the Spirit like that in our church?

    You can’t expect a 3-point message and video-enhanced Sunday service with a manicured sermon series and matching hand-out cards to transform lives. None of those are wrong in and of themselves, but they can’t replace the reality of the Person of the Holy Spirit. What have we become?!
    What audacity to avoid any demonstration of the Holy Spirit for fear of offending people! Doesn’t the Scripture tell us that tongues are a sign to the unbeliever? Wasn’t it the demonstration of the Spirit, the gifts in operation that drew most of us to God and out of dead lifeless religion?! Holy Spirit encounters didn’t drive us out of church; it drew us in every time the doors were open! Remember those days of hunger and excitement? People are hungry for the real thing and dumbing down the Gospel, forbidding tongues, or refusing to let the Holy Spirit have His way is robbing this generation and all that follow of the supernatural power that we so desire and desperately need to make it in these end times. This is the demonstration that will draw all men to Christ because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus!
    God bless.

  4. Barbara! This is so excellent. Your comments have inspired me to keep on moving in the Holy Ghost. At the direction of the Lord I’ve picked up that mandate that the Lord gave Bro. Hagin a few years before he went home. Your comments have encouraged me today and gave me some more food for thought. I think you would enjoy my new book, Passing On The Move of God To The Next Generation. God bless you.

  5. Big Amen Brother! The Church surely needs a return to what Dad Hagin taught us by Precept and Example. We must do what he did in this hour…the same way…by Precept and Example. Blessings!

  6. I just read this article and as you know Bert, I and Ray carry that same burden. Recently I had a vision…I was running with and in the Spirit. Praying in tongues, ministering in tongues and interpretation of tongues, gifts of the Spirit, moves of the Holy Ghost that we have experienced over the years, signs and wonders and then i looked down at my hand and i was holding a baton and still running. I felt the need to turn and pass this baton on to the anchor generation. I was quickened in my spirit that this baton represented all and more of the richness that we have experienced in the Spirt and as I turned I could not see anyone to pass it on to. My heart was alarmed I knew that there was someone there to grab it and run but I couldn’t see them. Realizing this I wanted to slow the pace down but I couldn’t. I started to shout to encourage the anchor person to focus and run fast and hard to catch the baton. After pondering on this vision I realized that we have such a responsibility to not give up at all no matter the condition of the church. GOD WILL HAVE HIS WAY and we need to stay busy training and giving room for the demonstrations of the Spirit so those that are hungry will run the race and the baton will be passed to a generation that will go deeper and further should the Lord’s return tarry.
    Our Holy Ghost Forums that we all have been privileged to be a part of, carry the purposes of God to train others through teaching, sharing the wealth of experiences and making way for the demonstrations of the Spirit of God. Each Forum have been increasingly powerful and rich.
    I choose to focus on what God IS doing and believe with the eye of faith that the ANCHOR GENERATION is catching up and will finish the race!! Glory to God!

    • Carol! My dear friend! That dream is so graphic and amazing! What a picture of where we are in the body of Christ today. If you will read Barbara’s response on here concerning what Bro. Hagin said when he was here, you will be further blessed. Everywhere we go we’ve seen the demonstrations increase and the anointing grow. We are excited about the future and the remnant churches getting ahold of the move of the Spirit. Thanks for sharing.

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