Muhammed Ali. The sound of his name is known the world over. He was arguably the greatest boxer who has ever lived. He is a very famous man. But the scripture that always comes to mind when I think of such high profile people is this:

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul” (Mk. 8:36).

I pray that just one of the seeds of the gospel that have been sown into the soil of Ali’s heart by a faithful witness would germinate and cause true conversion in his life. I pray that the Lord has mercy on his soul and saves him even in his dying hours.

All the accolades and wonderful things people are now saying about him as he nears death are worth nothing.

Words from empty men, they are vain. To the righteous full of truth they can even cause pain.

They have no power to help the man. They give him a false comfort; this is the devil’s plan.

All these high and mighty commendations that those who knew him pull,

Are clouds without rain, just a bunch of bull.

Trees that bear no fruit are words disconnected from Jesse’s root.

Wandering stars in the blackest night are the pretentious words of man that offer no light.

All that can help a sin-sick man like Ali is the Blood of the man that came out of Galilee.

Islam is a big fat lie from the pit of hell.

It is demonic, and deceptive and can never make a man well.

Many mighty men through generations of time

Would give anything now dead if out of hell they could climb.

Hell opens its mouth wide and swallows them up,

Disbelieving in the Savior who already drank that cup.

Even though they’ve been slaves to their sin and master,

When they die without Christ it’s the most tragic disaster.

You can laud their skills and accomplishments in life;

Say pretty words at their funeral that hide your strife.

You can even tell humorous stories and make his mourners laugh,

But if they knew where the man now is they wouldn’t resort to such a gaffe.

For any man that dies without Christ should make one weep,

At the misery of a hopeless destination, that plays to keep.

From such there is no exit from beyond the deep.

Go ahead and say your soothing R.I.P.s

And pretend he now rests on flowery beds of ease.

Pretend that his false gods can be appeased

And save his soul even after he leaves.

No, my friend, no. One thousand times, no.

To the wicked, says God, peace does not flow.

They are all a ship of fools who believe in no sacrificial substitution,

But only trust law and rules scripted by some dead institution.

Be good to your neighbor, they say.

Let each man find his own happy way.

They tell you every religion leads to heaven,

Unware that this is in fact the devil’s leaven.

Help the poor and suffering humanity,

And you’ll enter heaven’s door to a blissful eternity.

Who you worship doesn’t really matter.

If it’s Muhammed or Mary they’ll help you climb that ladder.

Those who think they can save themselves by heeding these lies

Will die the eternal death never to part those heavenly skies.

It’s only holy Blood that can save a man’s soul;

The Blood of one born to a virgin is what will make him whole.

Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ is more than a curse word;

He’s the One and only God and Savior of the world.

Any other word is the devil’s dope,

Lies you’ve heard that give no hope.

I hope men like Ali discover this, before they descend forever into the awful abyss.



  1. Amen and amen!! Many don’t like this strong truth…even those who call themselves believers wouldn’t like this. I love it though…it shows the love of God through it…God is love and live warns!

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