Years ago I was visiting the church my parents belonged to. I wasn’t there to minister but just attending. Suddenly during the praise and worship portion of the service, the Spirit of God came on me to dance.

It is not really my nature to dance in a community service where I am not known, but it seemed like the more I tried to suppress the urge to dance, the stronger it got. I knew then that the Lord wanted to use me to release liberty and joy into that service through the dance.

As soon as I stepped out in the aisle and began dancing someone tapped me on the shoulder and told me that he couldn’t see the words to the song on the screen. Apparently, I was obstructing his view. When he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to move, the anointing to dance just flew away like a bird.

The Holy Spirit is easily grieved when people are not sensitive to His anointing. Someone might say, “well, you were blocking the view of that person.” When it comes to the anointing of the Holy Spirit that is not even a consideration. The consideration should be for who is going to be helped and blessed by the anointing. I’ve seen great things happen when liberty and joy are released through praise and the dance. Personally, I won’t even disturb someone who is lifting his hands to the Lord in worship. When people are being ministered to you should be sensitive not to break the flow of intimacy they may be experiencing with the Lord. We are far too casual when it comes to these things.

I remember years ago hearing the crusade director of the late Kenneth E. Hagin share a story of how the ushers were disorganized one evening in a large meeting and failed to properly direct the sick and diseased into a long healing line. People were running into each other and there was disorder and confusion. The healing anointing was very strong upon Brother Hagin that particular night, but because of the disorder and confusion, the Holy Spirit was grieved and the anointing lifted. Brother Hagin then just turned around and walked off the stage and told his crusade director to minister to the sick by faith. In other words, now that the healing anointing was gone, his director could minister just as effectively as Hagin could. We can all minister to people by faith, but when someone is anointed, you have to yield to that person and what the Lord may want to do through him or her.

Most Christians have no idea how often they grieve the Holy Spirit. Now of course, there is a big difference between the anointing to dance and the tangible anointing to heal the sick, but it is the same Holy Spirit that anoints. The anointing is precious. It must be handled with high esteem and reverence.

I’m not sure that many believers even know what the anointing is. I think most confuse it with good feelings, emotional satisfaction, or intellectual stimulation. For example, many hear a Christian song they like and they think they “feel” the anointing on it because it makes them feel so good. Others confuse the anointing of the Holy Spirit with the charisma of a large personality, or the energy in a room, or how a particular minister projects himself. If you’ll watch some of the old timers (you can find some on YouTube) and observe the anointing on their ministries and meetings and compare them to today, you will begin to see a difference and gain a deeper knowledge of the real anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Of course, I am not saying that ministries and meetings are not anointed today, but there was a depth of it back then that has been substituted with lightness and superficiality in our modern day. A casual observer will find it difficult to tell the difference. This website ( and my new book, Passing On The Move Of God To The Next Generation, may be helpful in this regard.

Here are some ways to help cooperate with the anointing:

1. Follow the witness of your spirit. Sometimes you will not understand with your head what is happening in the Spirit, but learn to listen to your heart. Certain demonstrations may be unfamiliar to you, but could in fact be the Holy Ghost. Do you have a witness in your spirit? Is there peace? is there power? Or is it like washing your feet with your socks on?

In the anointing there is a groove and a fluidity that flows like water, but when it is the flesh or just emotions it is grinding and grievous to your spirit.

2. Look for the fruit of the anointing. When the anointing is moving it produces fruit. People are filled, set free, healed, and delivered. One or more of these elements will be present: There will be joy and liberty. There will be the sweetness of the Lord. There will be power. There will be conviction and the fear of the Lord.

3. Learn by experience, both your own, and the track record of those ministering in the anointing. Learn to connect what you sense in your spirit with what you’ve sensed in times past. Do you remember how you felt when it was wrong or weird? And then how did you feel when it was right and real? During your own personal prayer times is when you will learn the most about the anointing and presence of the Lord. The anointing teaches us (1 Jn. 2:20, 27), but experience and use will train our senses to discern (Heb. 5:14).

May we all learn to cooperate with the precious anointing of the Holy Spirit so that all may profit and be helped, edified, and blessed by it.


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