“Serve the Lord with gladness…”(Ps. 100:2)

There she lay on the floor – a 70-something year old woman who had two back surgeries and been in pain every single day for the last six years.

Now she was in tears because after the transmission of God’s power into her body she found instant relief and healing. The ushers tried to pick her up, but she was too drunk to stand. Not only did God heal her, but He was drenching her with His love and presence.

Finally, after more time had passed, the ushers managed to lay her down on the first row of chairs on her side. Healing confirmed. She told me she had not been able to lay on her side for all those six years. Now she could and was taking full advantage of it. Praise Jesus!

Then there was the younger woman with the intense migraine. The Lord told us it was related to a more serious problem. As soon as hands were laid on her she had no more pain and she laughed almost uncontrollably while simultaneously being filled with the Spirit for the first time and speaking in other tongues. She, too got drenched with God’s love and presence.

Finally, there was the lady who received a bad report from her doctor of the beginnings of cancer in her body. As soon as I said, “Now you’re going to receive a good report,” the power of God moved on her. She crumpled to the floor, not backwards, but frontwards or sideways, nearly knocking me over. Once again, this lady was drenched with God’s love and presence, and was drunk in the Spirit for the rest of the service. Praise the Name of Jesus!

That is how we began our Campmeeting in Tennessee this past week. Glory to God!

Here is the video clip. Check from the 33 minute mark forward and you will witness the ministry to at least two of these precious people. Excuse the poor quality of audio. If you can overcome that, you will learn some tremendous lessons on the workings of faith and the power of God that I share on the video.

Tennessee Campmeeting

This brings me to what I’d like to share. There is a new found revelation of the Father’s heart and of the ministry of Jesus moving in my life. I’ve always known of His eagerness and compassion to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed, but it has grown exponentially the last few years. The only element that seems to block His healing and delivering power from flowing into needy people is often their unforgiveness, especially in believers.

Here is a great secret I am learning. When you get into the flow of God’s love and compassion you will minister His Spirit and power to a higher degree.

Here is a second secret: When you get into the flow of God’s love and compassion you will also move in a higher measure of His wisdom. God’s greater wisdom travels on the highway of His love and compassion. Why would God share His wisdom with the selfish or self-centered? It is difficult to receive God’s wisdom when you are seeing people through your self-centered and biased lenses.

This is the reason trials are necessary. Trials produce patience. Patience produces character. When it does, wisdom will be your portion (Jam. 1:2-6).

Get on God’s wavelength of love. Walk in love. Cultivate God’s love in your life. Live in love. See others through His eyes. When you do, His power and wisdom will flow out from you in greater demonstration, but His love will also come right back on you. You will feel the joy and pleasure of the Father’s heart.

I’m sure you have also found this to be true. The greatest times of joy and peace in my life have truly come when I moving in God’s love and being a blessing to someone. Whether it’s a stranger on the street, the banker, or the supermarket attendant, or whether it’s the neighbor who needs a favor; or closer to home – my wife who needs my understanding and selfless sacrifice, my aged parents who need my gentle nurturing love in the sunset of their lives, or some brother or friend who needs me to be inconvenienced for his sake and encouragement.

Truly it is more blessed to give than to receive. May you experience the joy of true ministry and loving people as Jesus loved them.

But love also has another side that most of American Christianity no longer understands. Stay tuned…Sign up for our blog so you don’t miss these posts.

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