This is an excerpt taken from Gary Carpenter Ministries. It is prophetic and parallels fasting to the scourging post where Jesus was lashed. This is an outstanding masterpiece of the wisdom of God regarding fasting and its power. It is a bit lengthy but well worth your time if you are serious about fasting. Let him that can receive it, receive it. It will radically transform your life.

Today you are to receive the second instruction from the mind of Christ which will release the power of the Spirit to manifest the will of the Father in your life. You have already rejected this instruction twice, and even a third time this day as I have attempted to paint the vision of the Scourging Post in your spirit.

Say not with your mouth that you know not what it is … for you do know what it is. It is the Scourging Post where Christ was lashed – where the whip was laid across His back, and where the blood flowed as He was scourged and His flesh was laid bare.

Now, now, see the Scourging Post again as I paint it once more in your spirit. Reject it not, says the Spirit of the Lord. You see how it is only belt high and that a man must kneel to be attached to it. You see the shackles of chains that are attached and hang from the post. Yet notice that the shackles are unlocked and are empty. In the natural realm men are shackled against their will to the Scourging Post to have the law of man imposed upon them. It is not so in the Kingdom of God nor in the realm of the Spirit.

I, nor the Lord Jesus Christ, nor your Father will force you against your will to shackle yourself to this post. In the Kingdom of God, for those who would walk on the high path of the call of God in Christ Jesus, each man must choose to embrace the Post of Scourging … of his own free will! Jesus could have called for twelve legions of angels to free Him from the Scourging Post, but He chose to remain there.

It is time for you to embrace the Scourging Post where the things of the flesh which have hindered your walk greatly shall be removed forever. And I say again … forever, by the lash of the Spirit. You are not forced to embrace this Scourging Post except if your hunger and your desire for the perfect will of God is sufficient to cause you to bow the knee and to embrace the post. The Spirit does not force you. The Son does not force you. The Father does not force you. Your own desire and hunger shall force you IF you desire the high path to which the Father has called you.

If you run from the Scourging Post this day, know that I shall go with you and I will continue to work with you in the acceptable will of God which you will have chosen. But know this: Your hunger will increase and the day will come when you will once again face the Scourging Post. If you run again on that day, then know that I shall go with you and I will continue to work with you in the acceptable will of God which you choose each time that you run from the Scourging Post.

But understand again that the hunger will build within you. Be it today, be it next month, be it next year, understand the day will come when your own hunger for the high call of God in Christ Jesus will force you to embrace the Scourging Post. You may choose to do so this day, for your hunger is great, says the Lord. Christ is wanting you to know that He forces no man to the Scourging Post, but His love draws all men there who choose the Lamb as their First Love.

You have asked for the Lamb’s perfect will for your life. The perfect will of God is represented by the words of Christ when He said, “Take up your cross and follow Me.” You have asked to know what your cross is that you may bear it. Understand that on the path to that cross you first come to the Scourging Post. The Scourging Post is where all those things of the flesh must die before you shall be able to take up your cross. The Scourging Post is where man’s aspirations die. The Scourging Post is where weakness of the flesh is purged. The Scourging Post is where your will dies completely and His will becomes yours. The Scourging Post is where what is known as “man” must bow the knee so those things of the flesh may be exposed by the lash of the Spirit to be purged by the blood of the Lamb.

There is no avoiding the Scourging Post for those who would truly take up the cross assigned to them by the Lamb. I bring you the mind of Christ. The Son, this day, is asking you, not commanding you, “Will you of your own free choice embrace the Scourging Post?”

The Son asks you to look once more at the Scourging Post within your spirit. Do you see the stain of blood that remains on the post from when He knelt there? Know and understand that as your flesh embraces the Scourging Post, the power in His blood is there already to cleanse you and purge you from all that is not the will of the Father. His blood has preceded you. His blood is waiting for you. The power in His blood shall transform you.

Again I remind you, when you emerge from the Lamb’s room of fellowship you shall be a changed man. You shall be a new man.

“How do I embrace the Scourging Post? How do I do it Lord?” is the question that I hear from your spirit, says the Spirit of Grace. You have asked the right question.

I now bring you the second instruction from the mind of Christ. Beginning this day, you are to incorporate longer and longer periods of fasting into your life. That time has come.

No veil of anonymity can be permitted on the path of the high call of God in Christ Jesus for your life. To walk in the Father’s perfect will for you, My son, total exposure to the people shall be required. What they see in ministry must be what you are at home.

At that level of power, no hypocrisy is permissible. The same power that will heal them will destroy you. Has not history proven this fact through the many servants who attained to the walk of power yet cloaked their flesh behind a veil of hypocrisy? The enemy cannot be restrained when such is the case and his arsenal of destruction is fully launched against all unpurged flesh. It must needs be that you come first to the Scourging Post before you arrive at your cross.

I am speaking of His high call for you to walk in Manifested Glory as the Lamb Himself has previously spoken unto you. To walk in that realm requires the transformation to Love. I am not speaking of walking in the manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit, for both you and Sue are now able to walk at that level.

Your mind cannot yet understand this, but it can receive this as being truth; As long as the Gifts are being operated “as the Spirit wills,” a buffer is created around you because of lack of responsibility on your part. My children are protected when they operate in the Gifts as the Spirit wills for there is a buffer of safety placed around them due to their lack of responsibility for initiation of these actions. You will understand this more as you mature.

Obedience without question to My voice in this day when it comes to the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit does not expose you to an increased level of warfare from the enemy. I permit no such launch of his arsenal against you, for you are walking as a child, merely following instruction, not as a mature son who initiates warfare at the direction of Christ. For the son of full stature, safety is only afforded when “Satan has nothing in you.”

The Scourging Post is on the path for you if you desire to ever walk in His Manifested Glory. Manifested Glory is the cross which the Father has assigned to you. Embrace the Scourging Post. The sooner you embrace the Scourging Post, the sooner the power of the Spirit is released to transform you more into the image of Him Who begat you.

I hear you asking Me “How? How should I incorporate fasting into my life in a manner that shall be safe to my physical man?” The Spirit of the Lord says unto you, as a general pattern, one day on … one day off. Two days on … two days off. Three days on … three days off and so forth until you acquire deeper and deeper levels of purging of the desires of the flesh. This is not a law unto you, but is given as a general pattern. Make allowances for holidays, for meetings and for special activities for it is not the Father’s desire to remove you from all fellowship with man.

Follow this as a general pattern for establishing deeper and deeper levels of the scourging of the flesh to bring mortification that can receive the mind of Christ. Remember His blood is at this post. Call on the power of it to sustain you and it surely will, says the Lord of Hosts.

As your Counselor I advise you to make a Fasting Schedule one month, and sometimes even two months in advance that you fail not to make direct progress on this instruction from the mind of Christ. Each time you come off of the fast, be sure to incorporate those things which I have instructed you that will reset your metabolism rate. You will avoid the consequences that befall most. Your health shall improve speedily as you do these things, says the Lord.

I hear you saying, “This does not sound like an easy yoke, nor a light burden.” That is only because you have not yet known the degree of hindrance that your flesh has imposed on the life of Christ within you. This instruction from the mind of Christ shall remove hindrances that will allow His life in you to grow exceedingly where more of the burdens of your life can be born by the Spirit rather than upon your own shoulders, says the Spirit of Grace.

It is hard to choose new wine and forsake the old when all you have tasted is the old. At this point you must trust Me that the new wine is better, for it truly is. You will look back and say, “Truly that was an easy yoke and that was a light burden, for it allowed the Spirit of the Living God to lift the weight of decades from off my shoulders. My health did spring forth speedily. My light did break forth as the morning. Righteousness went before me and led me in the way of the Lord. Truly this was an easy yoke and a light burden from the Lord.”

2 Cor 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.


7 thoughts on “FASTING: THE SCOURGING POST (Part 3)

  1. My contention with the article is that we have to be led by The LORD in all we do, if we are His Sons. See Romans 8:14.

    I do not want to initiate anything without The LORD’s leading by His Inspired Word. I am conscious that religions like hinduism etc. emphasize fasting. Fasting certain foods is also against The LORD – 1Timothy 4:3. It is different if you are led of The LORD to fast those foods or fast in general.

    In Matthew 23:8-10, The LORD tells us to call no man our teacher except The LORD, I am wary about initiating anything without The LORD guiding me first. He is THE SHEPHERD. We are the SHEEP. We FOLLOW HIM – not the other way around. See Psalm 23.

    We should constantly acknowledge the Words of Jesus in Matthew 23:8-10 that The LORD is our Teacher as we create Life with our words – Proverbs 18:20-21. The Bible says that He is not a man that He should lie – Numbers 23:19, 1Samuel 15:29. The LORD will keep His Word and lead you by His Peace within. See also Psalm 32:8.

    The DANGER OF ONLY LISTENING TO MAN, even if they are leaders in the church is that you are violating The Word unless The LORD affirms and confirms their instruction. See Matthew 23:8-10. You honor your leaders as they follow The LORD, which means they instruct you to follow His Word, which includes Matthew 23:8-10 and 1Corinthians 11:1.

    In 1Corinthians 13, we know that a person could undergo the most serious deprivations of the flesh and yet NOT be of The LORD, if they do not have the fruits of The LORD – Matthew 7.

    The LORD told king Saul that OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE – 1Samuel 15:22-23. That means 2Corinthians 4:17 cannot be applied to any situation where we are NOT LED of or being obedient to The LORD. In the new Covenant we have His Spirit within us to guide us so we do not need to listen to the voice of a person without getting His guidance on that voice. See Jeremiah 31:33, Heb 8:10, Heb 10:16.

    As stated before we should constantly meditate on the Written Word and speak the Word of The LORD and tell the LORD you trust Him to teach you and lead you – Matthew 23:8-10. Your Words bring a response from the Spirit of Life – Proverbs 18:20-21. He WILL Teach you and He has the Infinite Wisdom to know how to do it.

    • When the Word is clear on a subject we don’t need a leading from the Lord to do it. We can choose or not choose to obey the Word. It is the motive that’s important.

  2. When in doubt check it out, which means for us we can ask The LORD to confirm the word if it is from Him. The LORD will confirm His Word in the mouth of two or three witnesses – 2Corinthians 13:1, Deut 17:16, 19:15.

    We are to test all spirits including the witnesses – 1John 4:1. They had witnesses who spoke against The LORD to send Him to His death, and it was clear those witnesses were biased and/or set up by the religious leaders.

    Trust The LORD to lead you in all these things.

  3. I am doing this fast but I missed where you said how to reset your metabolism rate is it possible for you to respond in get me that information thank you

  4. This was good, meaty stuff. Thank you! Only, wish you would omit the word “unto” We are not living in 13th century england. It comes across as more religious than relational with the use of the old English. Would you talk that way to me face to face, unto this and unto that, thou art, ect….lol! ? Just my 2 cents.

    Also, 1 day on then 1 day off? Do you work your way up to 7 days off then 7 days on?
    Do you drink water only during the on days?

    • This is not “me” talking. This is a Holy Spirit inspired word. Don’t get caught up in the terminology and miss what the Spirit is saying. This has nothing to do with religion – far from it! This is face to face communion with God.

      Re: I only go as far as 3 days. I guess you could go as long as you want to. And yes, I try to only drink water, but one could modify and choose whatsoever works for them.

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