In February of 2013 my wife Carolyn and I began praying together on a more regular basis. We also began to set our faith for an increase in finances for her to be able to let go of her temp jobs and travel with me in the ministry more frequently. At the end of 2014 we were able to do that.

It is still a stretch financially every month as we live from week to week, but the Lord has been faithful. We live as the Levites of old – no retirement, no investments, no medical insurance, until we were threatened with penalization and had to sign up for Obama care (Ha!), and really no budget for vacations or conferences like most pastors have (and deservedly so). We are certainly not opposed to any of these things. We wish we had them ourselves, but to this point the Lord has designed a different plan for us.

“I will be your portion,” has been His word to us. Such was the lot of the Levites. What more could a man want than to have the Lord be his portion? We lived like this as missionaries. We’ve lived like this as traveling ministers. We have no lack. Many times we’ve had no surplus, but never have we had lack. We are use to this lifestyle. Our faith and trust in the Lord continues to grow.

We know that the Lord uses His people to sow into our lives, and we are grateful for every partner and friend of this ministry. And we are encouraged, thrilled, and elated whenever new partners begin supporting the ministry or one time gifts come in. We pray for you. There is always a need met when someone obeys God.

Why am I sharing all this?

Back to February 2013 and you will see.

When Carolyn and I started praying together an unusual operation of the Spirit began to manifest. Spirit-filled prolific utterances began to pour forth from her vessel. I recognized the manifold wisdom of God in these utterances and began recording them. Sometimes it would take me all morning to get them transcribed unto paper. Today we have nearly 300 pages of documents of this pristine wisdom from God.

During our prayer sessions it is as if the Holy Spirit is at the head of the class writing on a chalkboard, and Carolyn is reading the board, while I am privy to the wisdom and revelation coming forth. I’ve never witnessed anything like it.

What’s so neat about it is that when I hear these utterances, they impregnate me with the word of the Lord. I see more and I understand more as the Lord unveils His wisdom to us. I also receive utterance bubbling up inside o f me and pressing against my lips to preach the living Word. This has revolutionized our life and ministry. It has freighted our preaching and writing with more of the Spirit’s authority. Now mind you, we don’t control this operation. It is as the Spirit wills, but He has willed more often than not.

Contained within this wisdom and revelation from the Holy Spirit is personal direction, messages for many of the churches we travel to, and manna for some of my writings – although I must confess it is difficult to share some of the gems and nuggets the Holy Spirit gives us because of a lack of maturity and reverence in the body of Christ. Holy gems and precious pearls are not for the immature and irreverent.

Honestly, since writing weekly for Charisma magazine I have witnessed the immaturity and irreverence of so many professing Christians whose comments are often critical, cynical, degrading, and even demonic. Some are so quick to shoot down any word from God.

I just completed my 9th book, averaging a fraction over one book per year the last five years. I am able to do that for two reasons: 1) I’m an independent self-publisher and have full control of how, what, and when my books are published; 2) And I am pregnant with more of the word of the Lord, especially since this new operation my wife and I are experiencing in prayer. My books are not flying off the shelves, because we are virtually unknowns in the publishing world, but they are out there for the taking. In a small way, these books are radically altering the lives and even ministries of some.

After reading one and then several of my books, here’s what one pastoral couple said: “Have purchased 5 of your books – all of them immensely impacting!! Haven’t finished all of them yet, but will definitely be writing reviews. Thank you, Bert, for sharing your anointed messages!!” S.L. and R.L. (pastors of a church in Oregon)

The impact is being felt because of the anointing of the Lord that has been received in prayer. Honestly, I do not consider myself a great writer or author. I have two helpers – the Holy Ghost and my wife. If my writings are worthy of any readership it is because of my helpers. I give the Lord all honor and praise.

Thank you for following this blog and availing yourself to some of what we write. We intend to share more of what the Lord has shared with us in the future. We want this blog and our books to reach the people that the Lord has ordained for them to reach. We may never write a best seller or have our books published in other languages, but that is the Lord’s business.

We are also still  in the process of producing some short video teachings/trainings highlighting life in the Spirit and what the Lord shares with us. The greatest treasures of His manifold wisdom and holy knowledge are ever waiting to be discovered.

Thank you for your readership and for being a part of our lives. Thanks for allowing us to share our hearts with you, and many thanks to those who remember us in your giving as there are always needs.





5 thoughts on “FROM MY HEART (Part 3)

  1. I am the S.L. mentioned in this (Bert’s) article. We are now handing out his books to our congregation, starting with Prayer – the Language of the Spirit. It is changing the mindset of our people. The conversation is constantly revolving around these books and more prayer. This is just the beginning!! Much anticipation. Thank you again, Bert, for your obedience!!!

  2. I am the S.L. mentioned in this article. We are now handing out Bert’s books to our congregation, namely; Prayer – The Language of the Spirit and The Real Spirit of Revival. It is changing the mindset and heart of our church. Conversations seem to center around the contents in the books, more prayer and revival. God is beginning to move! Much anticipation! Thank you again, Bert, for being obedient!!!

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