Dear Friends,

In January of 2012 I, Bert, was not in a good way. I went to a minister’s prayer retreat desperate for guidance and direction from the Lord. You see, someone had offered me a ministry position and asked me to dissolve Holy Fire Ministries. I turned it down immediately knowing it was not the will of the Lord.

Months later we were struggling financially and nothing was moving in the ministry. I wondered if I should not have taken the ministry position offered. In the midst of trials the soul will always doubt, just as John the Baptist wondered about the Messiah’s identity in prison (Mt. 11:2-3).

We thought about doing something else – maybe returning to the mission field, pastoring a church, and other ministry opportunities. Although we had done ministry most of our adult lives, I even contemplated leaving the ministry altogether and just starting a new career. It’s hard to believe that this was just 4 years ago. It was a real struggle. It was not a question of doubting my calling but I was being pressed to provide for my family.

Expenses were increasing without our income following suit. We had a son who was on his way to college, still did not have any personal medical insurance, nothing in our budget for vacation/rest time, the ministry had no allotments of any kind for attending conferences or special events, and of course, no retirement funds, though it is not our mind-set to ever retire. We have a calling, not a career.

We had been in ministry 25 years – on the mission field in West Africa, in a great revival in Pensacola, Florida, but the traveling ministry had always been a struggle. As Hannah of old, I wrote down my complaints before the Lord. Everywhere I looked I saw I dead end.

Then the Lord seemed to whisper to me, “What did I tell you?” My mind immediately reflected back on the training I received from brother Hagin when he would say things like, “If things aren’t working go back to the last thing the Lord told you to do”.

Here it was: “Writing is to be your life’s greatest work”. He spoke that to me years ago, but I never believed it. You know how it is – I thought it was just me and my mind playing dirty tricks. I couldn’t see this because at the time He spoke it to me I had written only one book and had no major platform, and couldn’t see a market for my writings. But in the stillness of my bedroom at that prayer retreat I made a deal with the Lord. “Ok, Lord” I said, “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’m going to give You five years. If You will anoint me I will begin to write. You make the way and give me the wisdom and help I need.”

The rest, they say, is history. The very next month God sent a young man to help me format, design, and begin publishing some manuscripts I had written. It was a bit of a grind at first, but I kept at it knowing the five year ultimatum was just beginning.

Here are the highlights of what the Lord did in response to my obedience to write:

1. In 2013 I started a blog, which without any pushing on my end, caught a little fire and produced 450 followers in two years’ time.

2. In 2014 Charisma magazine got ahold of my articles and with an endorsement from an influential good friend of mine, the door was opened for me to write weekly for them. This has expanded our readership and increased the circulation of our writings.

3. In 2015 Sid Roth read one of my Charisma articles and was moved and asked me to be on his show. The result was a spike in our book sales and some new invitations to minister nationally and internationally.

4. Perhaps the most significant development has been in Carolyn and my prayer times together. From 2013 until now, prolific utterances of the wisdom of God began to flow in these times of prayer. These utterances have been manna from heaven for us with direction and revelation for us and the body of Christ.

5. And finally, the last directive we received from the Lord has been to host and participate in Holy Ghost Forums in an effort to help restore the genuine move of the Holy Ghost back into the Church. Here is a link to our last one in New Jersey. YouTube

When I made that five year pact with God I did not know it would be this good. God has done His part. He is faithful. Our hearts are full of thanksgiving and praise.

This year we are already booked for not only our home state of New Hampshire, but Connecticut, Massachusetts, Tennessee, South Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Florida, Sierra Leone, West Africa, and Oregon with pending invitations from New York, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, returning to South Carolina, and Montana.

This is where I need to pause and express our sincere gratitude to you our partners.

You see, when we’re on the road I don’t write nearly as much as I do when we are home. God has been so gracious to us in spacing out our travels in such a neat and timely manner that we are home enough to rest, replenish, and write – not to mention the 101 things that need to be done upon arrival from such trips and time on the road.

It is the monthly support and one time gifts that you send in that it makes this all possible. Do you realize that most traveling ministers wind up starting churches because of lack of consistent financial support and partnership? It wears them out to have to be on the road so much of the time. We can gladly and gratefully say that this has not been a big issue with us.

We travel a lot in smaller and medium sized churches, never requiring a minimum offering or crowd, as so many of the bigger influential ministries do. We love the relationship building element of the travel ministry. At times we stay in homes instead of hotels, so as not to be a burden on the smaller churches. That in itself is unconventional in this day and age.

We do this because Jesus spoke to us about the importance of not only public ministry to crowds and congregations but to home ministry and families and individuals. He reminded us that some of His greatest miracles were in people’s homes. We have seen answers to prayer come to people in their homes as we pray with them and encourage them. We marvel at the pure way of Jesus. Sometimes you have to be inconvenienced to bring miracles to people’s lives.

Thank you for letting us bear our heart and soul to you today, and a million thanks for your faithful love and consistent support.

Much love and appreciation,

Your ambassadors,

Bert and Carolyn

P.S. Speaking of writing, look for my upcoming new book, which promises to be the prince of them all – Passing On The Move Of God To The Next Generation. Please pray for an anointing on this book for all God wants it to be and for all those appointed to be touched with this vitally important message. Presently, it is the greatest burden that Carolyn and I carry.


8 thoughts on “FROM MY HEART

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart Bro. Bert. ” A faithful man abounds with blessings!” Even tho we have struggles, serving God is the best thing we can do in this life. It’s all worth it! We are coming up on 25 this year!

  2. Thank you for speaking to my heart. Thank you for always speaking to my heart!

    I do understand where you were at and where you are now. My wife and I are in ministry. We are going thru same things.

    Looks like it’s not different in America. It’s the same God in Nigeria.

    I will begin to pray for you and the ministry.

    May the Lord bless you..

  3. I so respect you and admire your heart, the openness and transparency you have shown is quite refreshing. I understand where you are coming from perhaps better than most as I am still bivocational while being more in a traveling ministry and not being a Pastor. I too have stayed in homes and been in the small and medium churches. This blesses me more than you know as I to was given a mandate to write, in fact one prophet friend of mine once said: “Write Michael Write”. Thanks for sharing your heart!

    • Brother, thanks for sharing your own story. How parallel it is to mine! And thanks for the encouraging words. Let’s keep obeying God and fulfilling those assignments he gives us. Would love to meet you at one of our Holy Ghost forums – next one in Barrington, NJ April 29-30.

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