I don’t think there has ever been a presidential election that I’ve been as passionate about as this one. I think many would say the same thing. And yet I realize that those who are truly born again are part of another kingdom. And it is from this kingdom’s perspective I write these sobering words.

Whoever is the next president of the United States will not be able to stop the plans and purposes of God. I have reached my limit of reading and hearing of why Trump is the man of the hour, or why Cruz is God’s choice, or even why Hillary would destroy this nation if elected. What I have decided to do is shut off those voices and hide myself in God.

The year 2017 will be a very bad year for the world. I know that in my gut. But if the body of Christ will judge themselves they will walk above the fray of strife, turmoil, perversion, and darkness that this nation has fallen under and that will continue to increase.

Don’t get me wrong. I care deeply about our nation, and I am praying for a national awakening, but I care much more about the state of the Church. Jesus walks among the lampstands (Rev. 2-3, churches). His chief concern is not for the nation, or the government, or the economy. His primary concern is for His Church and His people. Here is a word from the Lord for the Church in this hour.


1. A new level of battle is now on the horizon. Some may think this is a hard word, but it is the best word you could ever hear. You will thank God on that day that He spoke to you so that you could be ready for the level of warfare that is coming.

All Christians must return to their first love if they want to stand, be spared, and inherit their full reward. The reason Jesus told the church of Ephesus to return to their first love was so they could overcome (Rev. 2:1-7). A house divided against itself cannot stand (Mt. 12:25). You can’t serve the devil or your flesh and walk in the spiritual authority God wants you to walk in in this hour. You better know Jesus in the midst of the battle when lives are on the line.

2. Put a watch over your mouth.

In order to be used in God’s power Christians must reduce the volume of their words. Many have not yet realized the power that is released through their words, either for good or evil. Your words are a two edged sword that cuts both ways. Your words can be used by the enemy or used by God. When God’s power and glory increases, which it will, and when our words go forth in power and demonstration there will be an increase in both directions.

When you speak curses upon your brethren under the anointing of God you will pay dearly. There have been mighty men in the past who are still revered today, that had to be removed from the earth because they lost control of their words. The damage they were doing to the kingdom of God could not be tolerated and the Lord took them home. Remember what happened to Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5). You don’t think that kind of judgment is coming again before Jesus returns?

There are many believers who speak ill-will of their brethren, and who are very critical of ministers. Your loose lip will sink your ship. The reason you haven’t been judged yet is because the glory has departed from the American Church. The judgment is always equal to the level of glory. When the glory begins to increase, you best keep a zip on your lip.

Let all judgment against your brethren cease now – even those that you would classify as completely wrong according to their doctrine. You can judge the doctrine, but do not judge their heart, for you do not know their heart. You can judge the fruit, but do not judge their motives, for you do not always know their motives. Be careful what you say about those who have the blood of Jesus on the door posts of their heart. Those who divide – those who cause division in the Church among the brethren will not escape.

3. God wants your life and not your words.

Words of love for the Lord without giving Him your life are wearisome to Him. This alone will spare you from being on the wrong side of the judgments that are coming. It’s about time you repent. Be not partakers with the unclean, but come out from among them and be ye separate (2 Cor. 6:17).

Give the Lord your heart and your life now. Don’t delay. Love not your house more than the Lord. Love not your family more than the Lord. Love not the world more than the Lord. Love not diversions, frivolities, and distractions more than the Lord. Those who do cannot be His disciples. I did not say they would not go to heaven, but they will not be trained, they will not be disciplined and prepared for the battle, and they will suffer much during these times that are to come shortly upon us on the earth.

4. Times of purging have begun, and there is no more time to divert and then return, like you’ve done so often before.

I’m not saying that the mercy of God is running out, but God is looking upon a divided people in His Church – a people who are divided in their walk; a people who serve two masters; a people who are double-minded and live a dual life.

Many have been walking for so long with one foot in the world and one foot in the things of God, trying desperately to satisfy both. The Lord has been very merciful and long-suffering, but when the times of purging come and when the times of revival come, and when the times of judgment come, oh, there will be no place for a walk such as this. The lure of the flesh is too strong, and those who have one foot in the world will be drawn irresistibly against their will by a force that is stronger than they.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Holy Spirit inspired utterance:

“Have I not said that the path is narrow, and few there be that find it? That path is a narrow highway. It is made, it is cobbled, and it is paved with My Word. Those that walk on My Word and stray not to the left, nor stray to the right, are those who will arrive safely at the destination that they have been seeking. Those who care not for My Word and think they can divert and return at their will do not understand the times and seasons. That time and that season is over.”

Get on your face and surrender now.

5. Know what you’re praying for when you pray for revival, for revival also means judgment, purging, and pruning as already mentioned.

Here is another excerpt of a Holy Spirit inspired utterance:

“Many things that My people have been praying and crying to Me about, regarding revival shall come to pass. But there is a time of purging that is here, even at the door, and will increase, says the Lord. There will be a great pruning of the branches from the vine, for this is necessary.

“Many do not understand that when revival comes to the land, in one sense of the word, it is a judgment, says the Lord. A judgment. My people have been crying to Me saying, ‘Lord, make a difference between your people and the world. Make a difference, Lord. Look Lord, how the world prospers. Look Lord. Look Lord, at how they succeed at what they do. Lord, make a difference between your people and the world.’

“And the Lord would say unto you, ‘Have you not heard? Do you not know that judgment begins in the house of God? I am the righteous Judge of all the earth and I will do that which is right. Would you really have Me come today and make a judgment on liars? Which camp would you fall in? Would you have Me come today in your midst and make a judgment against all thieves? Oh, says the Lord, understand – understand what My church has been asking Me for.”

As James said, it is time to cleanse your hands and purify your hearts, ye double minded (Jam. 4:8). It is time to return to your first love.

Some will hear these words and they will be unsavory, and not to be desired. But others will hear these words and they will penetrate the heart and they will know that God is calling them for this time. Those of you that know the Spirit of God, when you hear these words, you will know. Hearken to these words for there is time, but only a short time. Hearken diligently to what the Spirit is saying.


  1. So glad we decided to be in Gods family, doing Gods will to the best of our ability, glad you are our bro. In Christ. His anointing is definitely on your writing. Happy Easter dear friends!

  2. Dear brother Bert, i only recently happened on to your site. I thank the Lord for those who are willing to be a voice of truth in these last days!
    Your heart for truth is so refreshing and timely.
    You are in my prayers!

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