Affluenza among Christian leaders

and my heart weeps…

Mario Murillo Ministries

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Affluenza among Christian leaders

By Mario Murillo 

 Something crazy is happening to high profile Christian leaders.  They are saying and doing things that are bizarre and in some cases tragic. I will not name names because I am praying for them to repent.  There will be a time when I will name names .  The mission of this missive is not to embarrass any leader or to make myself look holier than them…and it is most certainly not an attack on God’s promises to prosper us.

Here is a list of things said and done recently that prove something has gone very bad.

-“God has told me…when our Carolina Panthers win the Super Bowl, a time of major revival, awakening, moves of God are going to break out in America,” – Famous Pastor.  Well…now that they lost 24-10 is national revival impossible?  My real issue here is connecting football to…

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4 thoughts on “Affluenza among Christian leaders

  1. I pray for the churches in the west every day as we are without a doubt in the Laodicean age. If prosperity preaching was correct then why weren’t the Apostles and disciples closest to Jesus the richest in the land? This has to stop. We need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to “shake us, break us, mould us and make us” more like Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Good on you for continually speaking up regarding things that true born again Christians are horrified by.

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