“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan” (Pr. 29:2).

Rejoice or groan? What will the coming presidential election bring? Many of us have groaned for the last 8 years because of wickedness.

“Moreover I saw under the sun: In the place of judgment, wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there” (Ec. 3:16).

This has been the sad song of this president’s rule.

But honestly, collectively as a Church, the entirety of the blame falls on us.

A George Barna survey revealed that in the 2012 presidential election 12 million evangelical Christians were not registered to vote and another 26 million did not vote – making a total of 38 million evangelicals out of an estimated 89 million who did not vote, or 40% of the body of Christ. What an inexcusable abandoning of our most basic civic and Christian responsibility! Shame on us.

With those statistics staring us in the face, how can we blame the moral and spiritual deterioration of our nation on Obama or the government or anyone else! The Church, especially our pastors, are clearly to blame.

Why don’t many evangelical Christians vote? For one, they are not educated as to their godly responsibility and stewardship to vote for righteous leaders. Secondly, since they don’t educate themselves, their pastors should educate them, but they don’t.

Isn’t it interesting that the first words of our American constitution say, “We, the people…?”

The government does not rule this land. We, the people, do. God has given to us the stewardship of this country, not to the government officials. But when the people neglect their civic responsibility to vote for righteous leaders, guess who gets the votes? You got it! The wicked. This is elementary, but Christians have deserted their post due to this ignorance.

One of the top excuses Christians use for not voting is Romans 13. They say, “If God appoints all authority, why vote?” This excuse portrays the sorry state of so many professing Christians today – their supposed super-sounding spirituality is just plain stupidity.

The second reason many evangelical Christians fail to vote is the big lie of separation of Church and State. They say that politics cannot legislate morality. Yet in this past generation politics legislated prayer and Bible reading out of our schools; they legislated abortion, which is murder, and same sex marriage, which is perversion of the highest degree.

Frankly, we have been sleeping. And of the many evangelicals that did vote for Obama in the last two elections, you need to repent because you are not righteous. It is true that we always vote for those who mirror our own values. I know it’s hard to swallow now, but the reason you voted for him is because you are just like him – wicked. You can’t vote right if you’re not right.

How can you be called righteous when you voted for the most anti-biblical president in the history of our nation? How can you be called righteous when you voted for a man who is pro-abortion? Who increasingly funds the baby-killing machine of Planned Parenthood?

How can you be called righteous when you voted for a man who defied the righteous Church by lighting up the White House with the symbolic gay colors on the night of the Supreme Court’s wicked and unconstitutional ruling to institute same sex marriage nationwide? How can you be called righteous when you voted for a traitor to the highest cause, who sympathizes with Islam and their anti-Christ agenda? How can you possibly call yourself righteous and have voted for Obama!

You are wicked! Repent!

And big shame on you black pastors who voted color over character, political correctness over biblical correctness, and money over morality! And don’t give me the old worn out accusation that I’m a bigot and a racist! God calls the wicked much worse names in the bible.

Please stamp this on your naïve soul: You are to be a Christian before you are an African American! You are to be a Christian before you are a Democrat! You are to be a Christian before you rally for so called social justice!

And shame on the many white pastors who failed to educate their people properly in the last election.

Have you educated your people on biblical principles relevant to our society and nation? Have you taught them about the sanctity of life and the traditional family? Have you educated them on sexual purity and the importance of abstinence until marriage and that fornication is not even to be named among us (Eph. 5:3)? Have you taught them about personal responsibility and not to mooch off government welfare programs and to have a strong work ethic? Have you taught them honesty and integrity? Have you taught them of their civic and godly responsibility to vote for righteousness? And do you practice these principles yourself?

Don’t make the same mistake in this election as you did the last one. And if you were duped and deceived, please repent right now and ask God to forgive you. If every evangelical Christian just votes right this time around our nation can change overnight.

Let us reverse this curse by voting for righteousness and watch this nation begin its path to exaltation.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Pr. 14:34).




  1. Good preaching. I pray that we will follow these guidelines when voting and realize it is righteous not Republican or Democrat nor Hispanic or African American or white liberal or conservative because we have seen the results of having some of each. Truth be told, we need God to direct us to the lesser of the evils.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. But I have to respectfully disagree as the “lesser of evils”. This is the best field of Republican candidates we’ve had in quite some time. May righteousness prevail.

  2. I think in addition to voting right American Christians need to arise and let their light shine. They have to go into their closets and become closet intercessors with the power to stamp out evil. That is what God is teaching the Remnants in Nigeria.

  3. Thank you for alerting us to this impt. responsibility! However, I didn’t vote when the choice was Romney, as he is a leader in his Mormon religion. Now, many Christians would hope to choose one sharing their faith, or at least values. We may have a problem with those who profess faith…serious questions about Cruz’s honesty, and Rubio’s very questionable past, and character, including his family, and possible homosexual behavior. I hope it’s o.k. to post this–a very recent post worth checking is “Wayne Madsen–Marco Rubio’s Homosexual Update”, and the Marshall Report.

    • I’m very careful what I believe when reading. Media and politicians are full of lies. Cruz is a man of impeccable character. I have a friend who knows him and his Dad. I wouldn’t believe any dirt on Rubio either. This is one of the best groups of Republicans we’ve had in my lifetime. Vote your conscience but do your research and don’t believe most of what the godless media says. Grace and peace to you.

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