There are days when I am on social media and will take some time to read interesting articles on what is happening in the world and in the church today. As a writer and a blogger it is a part of what I do to stay current. Lately, though, with all the negativity in the press and in the church world, as well as the opinions of so many people, I’ve noticed a restlessness in me.

On the one hand, from an intellectual standpoint my mind seems to be satisfied in the knowledge it is accumulating, but on the other hand, as I look within and check my spirit it feels slighted and cheated. The fact is that many Christians go along like this for days and weeks, and some for a lifetime, not fully realizing how drained their spiritual lives have become.

There are too many things going on in the world that are totally unedifying and even depressing. If you focus too much on those things you will subtly start absorbing some of the hopelessness and despair that’s in the world. And eventually you will get depressed. If you focus on what’s wrong with your own life you will get depressed. Fear and doubt will begin to cloud your mind. You will have the feeling of walking around in a fog. Your thinking will lose its sharpness and clarity.

You see, everything around us in this natural world is trying to pull us back to a walk that is dictated by human knowledge, reasoning and logic, and intellectual prowess. Many times everything in our home life and personal affairs will produce the same effect. It is so easy to live life on such a natural plane instead of in the Spirit. It’s so easy to slip into walking only by sight and not by faith. If you’re not careful even the church you attend will take faith out of you instead of putting faith into you.

Please take time to feed your spirit and to feed your faith on the Word of God and with what God says. Allow your spirit the privilege of having true fellowship with the Lord. Let the strength of your spirit supply strength into your mind where decisions are made.

Get out of the natural. Get in the Spirit. Get your eyes off man and what man is doing and saying, and get your eyes on the Lord and what He is doing and saying. As soon as you do you will note the difference. Discouragement will dissipate and disappear. Edification will come. Peace will settle into you. Joy will spring up from within. Victory will be seen.

As one radio and television voice use to say, “feed your faith and starve your doubts to death”.

Be encouraged today and shout unto God with a voice of triumph!


4 thoughts on “FEED YOUR SPIRIT!

  1. So true Bro. Bert. So much better to feed our spirit. I listen to one news show a day to keep up with what’s going on cuz basically they have the same stories. Would rather read the Word or some uplifting testimonies. Oh and Hallmark movie on the weekend. I love happy endings. I like the ” take me away Calgon feel.” Lol have a blessed day.

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