Here is a word from the Lord that a minister friend of mine received in a visitation. My spirit bears witness with its accuracy. I submit it to you for prayer, reflection, and meditation and how this fits into your own situation. May Jesus Christ be glorified in His Church.

“Do not look at the TV and larger media ministries to try to understand what I am doing in my body today. They have a part to play, but they are the visible to the eye veneer of the body that people see. Those who are carnal and immature see the outward appearance and are impressed, thinking that these are the height of ministry and where the Spirit is concentrating today. But they are mistaken.

See what I see, many small churches and ministries investing in relationships, walking in love, pouring their lives into each other; this is where the Spirit is moving today. There is a revolution taking place in my body, a revolution of relationships, discipleship, and love. This will affect whole communities and economies.

See what I see, many churches all over the world in which people are accountable to one another, working through conflicts, walking in love, and growing as my disciples. That is where my Spirit is moving today.

Many are running to and fro asking, ‘Where is the next move; what is the next season of the Spirit?’ And I say to you that it is under their very noses. They stumble at the supernatural work in their midst and refuse to humble themselves and be taught because they seek the sensational and that which appeals to the outward man. They fail to recognize the true move of God because it must be spiritually discerned.” — John Fenn



  1. Thank you for moderating these comments, because when people get out into society everything they hear and see will be holy and they will not have to be taught of the LORD – Matthew 23:8-10 can be dismissed:-)

    Many people who are claiming to lead others into the new thing, are themselves still tied up in religion…

    Trust the WORD of the LORD and His ability to teach those who seek Him…

  2. I humbly ask for forgiveness…My comment the last time did not appear and I thought it was moderating in action. Please forgive my wrong belief, because my last comment did appear…

    I learned a lesson…

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