This is a word from God I received some years ago after a time of extended payer and fasting. I included it as part of a book I wrote called, “THE JOURNAL OF A JOURNEY TO HIS HOLINESS”.

I wrote this book mostly in the first person and it outlines what the Lord said to me during this extended time of prayer. I highly recommend it, especially to ministers and those aspiring to leadership in the Church. Here is what others have said after reading the book.

“After 28 years in ministry this is the most powerful heartfelt message I have ever read.” M.R.

“This journal, so profoundly written will not only encourage all who embrace it, but particularly shepherds who want to understand how they can become more effective leaders in ministry, and the humility necessary to achieve it.” J.W.

“I found this book to be a strong refreshment to my soul. Many of the personal words and instruction spoken by the Lord to the author resonated with me affirming things the Lord has been speaking to me over the years.” S.R.


After indulging for a number of weeks praying in other tongues here is the very first piece of revelation the Lord gave me. It was here that I entered into a new grade of fellowship and another room in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit led me to know that this was the beginning of the interpretation of the mysteries I had been praying in the Spirit all that time.

Welcome to My school of the inner man. Welcome to the instructions of My counsel. Welcome to the classrooms of My Holy Spirit. Welcome to the school of discipline which you were enrolled in, but have not yet graduated from. You thought the time of testing was over. You thought that only man had done this to you, but I say again that I have allowed it.

And so you are still in My school of discipline and I am requiring you to be dumb as a lamb before its slaughter. I am requiring silence from you…silence with joy…silence with kindness…silence with peace. I will not allow you to be frustrated or aggravated any more.

Personal comments: At this particular time in my life and ministry I was going through some severe trials and I was constantly complaining and murmuring about things. There was a work of meekness the Lord desired to do in me that required mortification and my cooperation.

See that picture that’s been in your spirit. See that image. You are now in between classrooms. You are leaving one room and entering into another. You are entering a new room. You are leaving the room of your youthful and unharnessed soul and you are entering into the room where your inner man shall rule. You are leaving the room of your unharnessed soul that has not had understanding and you are entering the room of greater understanding in the Spirit. You are leaving the room of the unharnessed soul and entering the room of My voice and My counsel. There will be an accuracy in hearing Me now for I am opening your ears. My counsel shall now be easier for you to receive for you have positioned yourself well.

You are moving from the classroom of man’s counsel and of your own mind into the classroom of My counsel and My mind. Keep on moving. Go through that door and move on in. I have been waiting for you. I am your Counselor. I am your Instructor. I am the Ancient of Days and I know all things. I am He who taught your forefathers of faith long ago. I am ancient and yet in Me there is no time. I am He who is the wisdom for all ages and the wisdom for all times. I am beautiful for all situations. I am the joy of those who have sought me in the past and who seek Me in the present. Listen to me and do what I say and you will always succeed. I am the prosperity of all My servants. I never fail.

The work that is presently being done in you is to make you completely one with your message. Your message must be mirrored by your life.

Personal comments: I still fall so short of this word, but it has become a plumb line for me all these years – the standard of the Lord.

You are entering a new grade of fellowship. As in school when you pass from one grade to another, even now you are moving to another grade of fellowship and instruction. I am requiring you to pass and admitting you entrance.

And you have said, “Lord, this is hard. I can’t take this any more.” You have looked at others and said, “Why don’t you test them? They need to be tested. Those men need to be tested. They need to be purged. They need to be held back.” I say to you as I said to Peter when he asked about John. What business is it of yours what I do with these other men? They are my sons and servants, too and I will do with them as I please. And so you see why you have not yet passed this test? Your unharnessed soul must be subjected to My will and My counsel if you are to fulfill My high calling. Full purging is required to graduate from My school of discipline.

I know where I am leading you. And I alone know what your future holds, and I will not allow you to graduate until you have fulfilled My requirements and possess the credentials of mature son-ship.

Yield to the purging process. Move on to periodical fastings even as I’ve put in your heart. Move on to a more complete mortification of your flesh that is executed through fasting. Move on to an increased time of the reading and meditation of My Word. Follow these promptings that are in your heart. For you are in My school of discipline and this work must be done in you. It is a work of My love. It is a work of My protection…the protection of your calling and the longevity of your race in Me.

It’s a new day. I am taking many of My ministers who are saying yes to my high calling and taking them into My school of discipline. I am taking them into My burning furnace. I am taking them into My hot fires…the fires of purging and renewal and revival in their hearts.

It is time for My leaders and those who are called My priests to be the example that I’ve called them to be. It is time for the right kind of impartation to be made through them by My Spirit to the people they minister to. It is time for holiness in the hearts of every man who would bear the vessels of the Lord, who would be entrusted with the sacred work of the building up of My Church. It is time for the full consecration of all of My servants who would desire My high calling.

Let us make a new consecration as we near the end of yet another year and the beginning of a new one. Grace and peace be multiplied to each one who loves and the Lord in sincerity.



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  2. This is a blessing! Reading “They Found the Secret” I pray to be “BELIEVING” God’s promises! To find that closer walk with God, and discern more correctly His will, and leading…could you help, how someone might know if a spiritual type leading (like a dream or vision) would be of God or maybe not (I understand the basics, like if it lines up with scripture, but should one always have that “inner witness” and peace, rather than a negative feeling?) Thank you.

    • The inward witness is the number one way the Lord leads us. But sometimes leadings such as dreams or visions are given to us to pray, to warn us, so we can avert something and not mis-step. In such cases you may sense the seriousness of the situation and the urgent need to pray and obey.

  3. God bless you for the post. I really thought the Lord was re-affirming what He’s been saying to me all the time. He’s been saying ” I use My children(babes) to lead My servants into maturity to prepare them for the tribulation ahead in the world”…”…being rooted and grounded in love,may be able to comprehend with all saints…and to know the love of Christ…that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God”(Eph. 3:17-19) “Grace must abound when sin increases,so love more when tried and tested through my children” Thanks once again for confirming mine, was actually in doubt!

  4. Wow, the Lord was speaking to me directly here. It was a bit of an awakening to me…I have recently been in a desert wilderness feeling for the last few months. What I mean is, I pray worship read the word but it’s once in a blue I feel Gods presence or voice speaking when before I’d hear his voice all the time and presence everywhere with me. Reading this it reminded me that before I went into this season I had asked the Lord to purge me and press me..fresh oil and wine to come forth is all I kept asking for awhile….and reading this I feel this is what the Lord has me in…a school of discipline. He has put on my heart to have periods of fasting and reading more…wow this is amazing Praise God!

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