“When My children operate in the Spirit, the enemy does not have a chance. So learn to move in the Spirit and with the Spirit beyond the veil where understanding is easy. It’s so easy to understand when you’re in, and not so easy when you’re out. It’s so easy to understand and receive when you’re on the inside looking out. But oh how difficult and rigid and hard to understand and perceive and receive when you’re on the outside looking in…so learn and be trained for this is how I increase callings and ministries. Know that this is a new season for you to move upward in the way and understanding of the Spirit. Increase is here for you, but only as you move beyond the veil for therein lies the secret of kingdom increase.” (Prophetic utterance)

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit” (John 3:6). When we sow to the flesh we reap death and corruption, but when we sow to the Spirit we reap life (Gal 6:8). Because many are untrained in the ways of the Spirit there are huge dividends being reaped from seeds of the flesh, the soul, and the intellect. When we are more intimate with that which is of the flesh or the soul, we conceive, carry, and give birth to the same. As a result, we become knowledgeable but powerless; heady but heartless; and factual but fruitless.

Ishmael was a work produced in the soul of Abraham birthed by reason and impatience. Like much of the church, Ishmael’s descendants are many, but they have not the true life of God. It was necessary for Abraham’s self-dependency to be broken by God until there was nothing left. God waited until his physical body was as good as dead (Heb 11:12). Sarah herself was far past the age of conception. Now the Spirit could work, and the son of promise could be conceived. The flesh and the soul’s influence had been removed.

Ishmael is symbolic of “dead works”, that which is not ordained by God, but done in the mere strength and ability of man. Oh how we have been hypnotized by temples made with human hands! We have not been properly trained to recognize the difference between that which is merely human and that which is divine. It took years for many of the Bible’s characters to have their senses trained and exercised to know and recognize the difference. God’s ways are not man’s ways. Only that which is born of the Spirit has overcoming power (1 John 5:4).

“Dead” works of the flesh stink and only those who have spiritual discernment can smell them.  True spiritual men are “turned off” by dead works. It is a stench in their spiritual nostrils that causes nausea. There are many things that do not belong in the body of Christ which bring the Head of this body nausea until He threatens to vomit it out (Rev 3:16).

“Dead” works require much religious activity and drains us of our spiritual and physical energy because they are products of man-made yokes. They oppress us and rob us of our joy and thus our strength.  It is similar to slavery in the flesh. Slaves to the flesh do not know what the Master does (John 15:15) but they can only guess.  Guessing is equivalent to brainstorming which makes the whole Head sick.  Only friends do what God commands because they hear from God and receive direction from Him (John 15:14-15).  Friends of God are full of joy because they’ve been in His presence (Ps 16:11) and heard His voice.  Friends are co-laborers with God.  The best that slaves can do is work for God.

In order for the church to walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit there must be a separation of soul and spirit.  The soul is a schemer and very subtle.  It will reason, bargain, and even plead until its emotions and feelings are appeased.  Its nature is impatient, and unless it is harnessed and subjected to God, will continue to breed death and corrupt the true work of God.  That’s why we are admonished in scripture to possess our souls by our patience (Lk 21:19).  In this way we shall gain the true life.



7 thoughts on “BEYOND THE VEIL

  1. Yes, a lot to chew on there, final analysis, get in the Spirit and stay there! No good thing or work in the flesh. Thanks for pure Word.

  2. Thank you for this teaching (and others) and recent posts, that are faith building! Especially your last post, I thought of the road to Emmaus account, and how Jesus words affected the disciples. It does seem to me (taking both testaments) that so much responsibility is left to God’s children (a big argument there!); but it can’t be our works–I appreciate what you’re saying…but works originated of the Spirit, from a yielded, consecrated life!

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