These prophetic utterances were given during Kenneth E. Hagin’s 1983 Campmeeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was still a student there, but they are still so pertinent for today. The spirit of these prophecies also speaks of a certain consecration that these men of old possessed that is sadly lacking in much of the church world today. Many of today’s so called prophecies are man centered, emotion appeasing, and attract attention to man and not God. But these are freighted with the Holy Ghost and bring attention and glory to the Lord.


“Thus saith the Lord, but the blessings shall be for those who’ve decided to cleanse themselves, for have I not said in my Word, ‘Cleanse yourself, cleanse yourself’. Yea, you can stay in the place of mediocrity or you can arise and cleanse yourself. Be far away from fornication, adultery, uncleanness and all of that which stains, and all of that which causes you to be dirty. Rise up, saith the Lord, and cleanse yourself; be a holy people unto the Lord, and because you’re willing to do this you’ll enter into to this great marching army and you’ll not be disqualified, but you’ll be blessed in all that you do, saith the Lord.”


“Where are the people who care not who gets the credit? Where are the people who will not push on and try to get in the limelight? Where are the people who will just be so glad to stand in the shadows and pray for others? Where are the people who don’t care who gets the credit and the glory? Where are the people who want only Jesus to be magnified? Yea, those are the people that shall go forth in my power in this day, for if they don’t want the credit and don’t want to be in the limelight I’ll exalt them and bring them forth into places of great glory and power, because I want to trust my power to people but I cannot trust them if they want the glory. So arise, saith the Lord, and go not forward into the limelight, but back up and push others forward and love them and pray for them and your light shall shine and arise, and you shall be blessed, saith the Lord.”


“And yea, you’ll have healing lines and you’ll have those who will have hands laid upon them and there will be special ministries manifested, saith the Lord. Oh, but the greatest miracles shall be thus and so, saith God. Even while you pray and praise and glorify my name tumors shall drop off of bodies and diseases shall depart and I shall be the healer and I shall fulfill that Word that says, ‘I the Lord will take sickness from the midst of you and all sickness shall flee away and no man shall be magnified, but the people shall shout, ‘Jesus, Jesus, He’s the healer!’ And I shall be glorified.”



  1. Being blessed by your blog posts here in Australia, God bless you sir. Pls is it okay if i share some of your posts on Facebook?

  2. I just loved John Osteen he was so down to earth yet so knowledgable like K. Hagin. We had so many Fathers back then that were so great. Not so much now. But I do appreciate the ones we do have!

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