“Be not drunk with wine wherein is excess but be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18).

The apostle Paul told the Ephesian believers to not be drunk with wine but to be filled with the Spirit, or to be drunk with the Spirit instead. You can so filled with the Holy Spirit that you get drunk.

Smith Wigglesworth came to a place in his life where he could get drunk any time he wanted to, and then when he was around sinners who did not understand he could immediately get sober. What a life! In his younger years though, he was cantankerous and backslidden. There was even a season where he would frequent the bars and drink. Then he got baptized in the Holy Ghost and received his prayer language, and everything changed for him.

When Paul told the Ephesian believers to be filled with the Spirit he was not telling them to be baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. They had already been initially baptized (Acts 19:1-6). Paul is now encouraging them to maintain a constant experience of staying filled with the Spirit. He is encouraging them to keep drinking. A person who drinks wine usually needs more than one drink to get drunk.

The will of the Lord is for His children to keep drinking of His Spirit. Some have just learned to drink better than others. All can learn and grow in maintaining the Spirit filled life. The Spirit-filled life is maintained through speaking or singing Spirit-inspired utterances whether it be in tongues or with your understanding.

My son is home from college and just this past weekend we went for a walk together and I rehearsed with him the importance of staying filled with the Holy Ghost. Then we prayed in tongues quietly as we walked in a semi-secluded area and I took him into speaking in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Because he’s been exposed to these things as a child and teenager he is keen spiritually, so he got it. On Sunday in a house meeting he sang out a spiritual song publicly. It blessed the few who were there and brought the meeting to another level.

In that same meeting the Lord ministered to a brother who was oppressed and instructed him to sing the Word and make melody in his heart instead of just reading it so he could stir up his joy and resist the oppression. For some people that may be a good place to start. The Scriptures also tell us to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. That alone could also help stir up others. But the best way to tap into this Spirit-filled life is to use your prayer language of new tongues to begin to fine tune your spirit to these things.

God’s New Testament plan and pattern is for believers to keep being filled with the Spirit.

“And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spoke the word of God with boldness” (Acts 4:31).

These early Christians were already baptized in the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, but notice here they were filled again in a prayer meeting. When they prayed together the power of God came into manifestation and shook the place where they were gathered. Christians sometimes get excited when they shake or fall under the power of God, but wait until the house or building shakes.

I believe as the coming of the Lord draws nearer these kind of miracle manifestations will come into fullness. God wants to restore the fullness of His gifts and power, and signs and wonders that leave people in awe of God. And it’s going to happen through a Spirit-filled people.

Here is a prophecy spoken by the late Kenneth E. Hagin:

“So walk in the light of the Word and dwell in the realm of the supernatural. Walk in the light of the revealed Word and further revelation will come, and you’ll see and you’ll know that the blessings of God are yours and that which you need, to you shall be shown, and that which you see shall come to pass. And so before the manifestation of the Spirit in the greater and most glorious manifestations of working of miracles, of special faith, and of gifts of healing – before they shall ever come to pass you will find you’ll have to enter in first to this realm of utterance and then the spirit of seeing, and the spirit of knowing shall be made manifest.”

Let us no longer draw back but let us enter in.


3 thoughts on “MOVING UP IN THE SPIRIT (Part 3)

  1. Thank you dear brother for this series thus far it has been a very great encouragement to me. Action in this vein is the name of the game. Accumulating instruction is good to keep focused and on track but now it is time for me to run with this word. Lord help me. So grateful in the Lord.

  2. Awesome brother Bert. Billye Brim had a dream about the gifts of the spirit that is on those tapes of her and Gloria.

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