“So many of My people follow the wisdom of men in a man, a personality, who do not move in the Spirit and the powers of the age to come because there are few who minister in this My standard. And so the absence of ministers of the true Spirit has created a void for My people to follow ministers of the flesh who move only in the wisdom of men.

But how will they follow My wisdom and power in a man and how will they follow the powers of the age to come unless they sniff the scent of it, and taste the edibleness of it, and see it, and bear witness to it? For it is not just in a healing or a prophecy that My Spirit manifests Himself; for is it not written of My Son that His works were so many that volumes of books could not contain them? And have you not heard of your fathers and generals I gave you of the wonder and diversity of My works and My powers that were witnessed in days of old and generations gone by?

But how will My people begin to desire these powers and believe Me for these powers except they be manifest? For it is when these powers are on display and they are manifest that then those who taste them and bear witness of them will begin to desire for more, pray for more, and believe for more. And there will be a great stirring of hunger, desire, and of faith and expectation from which I will respond.

But who will pave the way except those who’ve heard of these things, and who know these things, and who’ve been trained in a measure in these areas? And how will these powers of the age to come be brought forth except it be through prayer that gives birth to these things? And how will My ministers step out in these things unless they move out in faith? For even as you’ve heard of My servant who started that school and who taught you – was it not to separate the flesh churches from the Spirit churches? Was not My established purpose to divide and distinguish ministers of My power and My Spirit from those of the flesh, and to impart the knowledge and the understanding, the faith, and the boldness to step out and step forth into these things?

But there must first come a moving into prayer. There must first come a high esteem for that holy place of communion with Me. Into that room and closet must you first enter, and then there will be a moving up into that realm where I am and where you see and know. It is then that these things shall be birthed. The many distractions must be put aside just as those who’ve followed ministers of the flesh, as they witness the real, will cast aside earthly wisdom and go after Me and the ministry of the Spirit.

To know that the powers of the age to come and My greater glory that has not yet been witnessed by this generation, can only come forth in greater manifestation through prayer, is to esteem that place above all others. To those who do I will show Myself strong and their labor of prayer and their delight in My communion will surely bring forth their heart’s desire for the powers of the age to come and for My glory to be in greater display and manifestation.

So there has to be a moving into and then a moving up so that there can be a moving on. For little progress has been made in the realm of the Spirit where the wisdom of men has ruled and prevailed. But now it is high time for those who’ve been taught and trained and moved in some of these things to move into a greater fulness now for the hour is late and the need is so great.”


  1. I preached something partly along this line at a Holy Ghost Meeting tonight. Seems is the Holy Spirit is stressing this across the Body. He who has an ear to ear…let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

  2. This is true… This message is essential, for God is seeking to prove Himself strong. Same thing I received today, and being stirred by The Spirit to do. God has to break through us, so that He can touch us and touch others, through us.

  3. Thank God for the hope here! Isn’t it recorded, that known revivals have always started with prayer? How wonderful (and a sacrifice) it would be, to be a part of prayers that reach Heaven to initiate a mighty move of God…that we seem to need more desperately, as things get worse, and worse!

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