One of the greatest hindrances to walking with God is the common habit of dividing our lives into two categories: the natural and the spiritual. Certain activities are associated with the spiritual such as prayer, Bible study, attending church etc. Other activities are associated with the natural such as eating, sleeping, working, and other needs and duties of the body.

We do the natural things reluctantly and apologize to God, claiming that these activities are draining us of spiritual strength. We’re always straining and striving, uneasy, and pushing ourselves to one day be super-spiritual. For many of us this is a big struggle.

We need to understand that Jesus never divided His life into categories. In the presence of God He walked and lived. God accepted Jesus’ total life. He made no distinction between what we call natural and spiritual activities. “I do always those things that please the Father” (John 8:29). Jesus did not have a spiritual life and a natural life. Every act of His life was God’s.

Every act of our lives should be a contribution to the glory of God. “Whether you eat or drink, do all for the glory of God.” All acts are not equal in importance, but God accepts them all. God is everywhere (Ps 139), and “in Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). Even when you’re not thinking of God, He is there.

Don’t let the natural world become the enemy of the spiritual world.

Why do some people find God’s presence so wonderful while others struggle? It is because some Christians have an awareness of God and a  spiritual receptivity others do not have. It is those who develop and cultivate that awareness and receptivity who enjoy God’s presence.

Receptivity is by degree. You can have more or less. It is increased by the exercise of awareness and destroyed by neglect. Being receptive or responsive to God’s presence means your desire is bent toward Him and you are aware of Him. It doesn’t come on you like a thunderbolt but like the gentle rain.

Jesus died for you and sent the Holy Spirit so you could be aware of His power and help and walk with Him.

Most Christians do not seek God’s counsel as if He were real. This lack of reality results in lack of faith, lack of expectation, and lack of direction. It also prevents believers from walking in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Cultivating an awareness of God in you and with you at all times will change that.

Start paying attention to the Holy Spirit within in and develop your sensitivity to Him.



  1. I appreciated what you said about believing in God’s reality–important to try, with God’s help, to be brutally honest with ourselves! Could I ask a question about the last post, on end-times? I’ve become more familiar with a teaching that expects spirit empowered believers to be raised up to change the culture, and even the world. But I’ve understood that the world will get worse, and more evil; but the Bride would be judged to be refined, and made ready for Jesus’ coming (at the same time, empowered to bring in many souls–revival). I wondered what you thought. Do you see a great apostasy– seems like evidence of that now?

    • Yes, Penny – I believe there will be both an apostasy and a revival/great harvest simultaneously. As gross darkness covers the earth the glory of the Lord shall shine on those who are truly His. (Isa. 60:1-2). As we get closer to Jesus’ return the path of the wicked will grow darker but the path of the righteous shall grow brighter day by day. Praise the Lord!

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