As I stared at the two adjacent photos I couldn’t help think of the volumes it spoke of the confusion that has come to America.

I’m speaking of the long before and now photos of former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner. In the former he is the all American athlete, boy-faced, handsome, sparkling eyes, bright countenance, and wouldn’t you know it, hair on his chest – a stunning image of vigor and masculinity.

The latter, of a supposed transgender – a disfigured countenance, an aged sullen look, a shadow of death about him, uh I mean her, and frankly the image of a witch.

Bruce Jenner is a very confused human being. My heart breaks for him and the influences that have made him that way. Those influences are clearly from the dark world, or dare I say, demonic.

To me it is so depictive of all that is wrong with America.

We have an identity problem. We don’t know who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. The vast majority of our nation are a lost people in desperate need of light and redemption, lost sheep without a shepherd.

One so-called expert scientist claims to have made a discovery of our origin. He said, “Human existence is that we are all stars looking back up at the sky.”

How pitiful. Such an example of a people who are “ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.”

Yes, as Americans we celebrate individuality and diversity which in essence is good and noble. The problem is we celebrate it even when it is wrapped in perversion.

Many of today’s Americans are a confused race of people. Perversion is confusion. We have reality shows that celebrate every kind of perversion, from sodomy, transgenderism, polygamy, etc. and now the latest perversion, a sexually-deviant, mommy porn film “Fifty Shades of Grey” that undoubtedly much of America will flock to.

Many of our politicians, judges, and lawmakers walk in falsehood as well, which leads to confusion. Falsehood can never produce true justice and equity.

Centuries before Christ the prophet spoke these words:

“Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey” (Isa 59:12-15).

Is this not a picture of today’s America?

One of the definitions of confusion is a lack of clearness and distinctness; not knowing right from wrong or good from evil. It also means a disoriented and disturbed mental state.

The confusion in our land starts at the top.

From the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama has evidenced a deep moral confusion, a distorted worldview.

He still calls Islam a religion of peace and refuses to intervene on the behalf of the massacre of Christians around the world. He says ISIS is not Islamic but ISIL is Islamic. He claims to be a Muslim but then says he is a Christian. And most recently his controversial statements comparing radical Islam to the Christian (Catholic) crusades reveal the lack of discernment and even common sense in this man.


When a president denies Islamic terrorism and releases dangerous terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay he is confused. He does not discern between good from evil.

When politicians and lawmakers change the rock-solid definition of marriage being between “one man and one woman” to include same-sex couples they are confused. To redefine the oldest God-given institution necessary for the reproduction of mankind, to not call a man a man and a woman a woman, is utter confusion.

Furthermore, when our Judeo-Christian traditional views on marriage and abortion are twisted into somehow being a new extreme threat to our nation’s liberties we are confused.

Even churches are falling for the delusion that same-sex marriage is okay. It is not okay! And it will never be okay no matter how prevalent it is in our culture. It is perverse and dysfunctional and will only lead to more confusion in our nation and queerer things to come.

And abortion plainly stated is murder of the most vulnerable and innocent.

Those last two statements will surely bring out more mean-spirited attacks accusing all who agree to the simple logic of it as being hateful and lacking tolerance.

But when gay activists and pro-abortionists tout tolerance for them but are not tolerant toward us they are confused.

When some of the most courageous and godliest of men are on the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) top 30 list of right-wing anti-gay extremists in our nation we are confused.

Speaking of extremism, as a very recent example of this confusion, consider the following. In a recent article I wrote for Charisma on Extremism: The Key to Launching a Spiritual Revolution, readers were up in arms accusing me of being a Neo-Nazi and an admirer of Hitler.

They twisted my words to their own confusion. I indirectly stated, if Hitler and all these other evil entities in their extremism realized and used the power of youth to kill and destroy, Christians should be extreme in the other direction and harness the power in our youth and use it for good to uplift Jesus, spread the gospel, and change our world. That was the main point of the article.

One reader took it even farther and suggested that my ideological beliefs were a form of mental illness, citing the following article in this journal to prove her point. The Digital Journal

Confusing good and evil, darkness and light, and bitter and sweet have always been a true characteristic of a people who had sinned and forsaken the knowledge of God.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (Isa. 5:20).

Is this not the current state of our nation? And I fear that the deafening silence of many pastors to warn their people and confront these issues is actually the greatest threat to the future American Church.

And that, my friends, may be the most important point and purpose of this article.

Please wake up fellow ministers and shepherds of the flock of God! Please preach the whole counsel of God. Please warn your people of the wrath of God and the judgment to come. Please preach on something more than that which promotes an agenda for attendance and money. Please preach on holiness, sanctification, and repentance.

Unless we judge ourselves and clean up our individual houses and the house of God we cannot judge righteously and we risk entering into the same confusion that is gripping our nation. Understand that it is only the prayers of the uncompromisingly righteous that will truly be heard and make a difference.

May our holy God behold the prayers of His righteous remnant in this most dark evil hour and grant us national revival before it’s too late.



  1. It
    s terrible what’s happening in our country. My daughter came home from school telling me about all the kids who think it’s cool to be bisexual. These confused kids think it’s great to have the best of both worlds. As you can imagine i am constantly praying for God to protect my daughters inocence. The devil is out to pervert love and to corrupt our children. Jesus help us endure to the end!

  2. A voice crying in the wilderness! Our Pastor is crying out as well. I have never been more grateful to have been introduced to the truth in my life, more so every day. The echoing words of our Pastor, what does the Bible say about it? Teaching us to pray and keep on praying. What an article, God knows there are those of us who still and always will stand up for the truth. Thank you.

    • Hi Joan–I’m fairly new to this site; and I’ve commented several times, as I appreciate so much what is said. I’ve hoped and prayed for a while, to connect with others with this heart; and I was wondering, when you speak of your Pastor, what church you might be connected with–are you in New England?

  3. God bless you. A silent and firm voice of truth in a loud and depraved world. The onus is on ‘US’ to continue to ensure that the truth is spoken and heard by the church, so we don’t get drowned in the overflowing lies.

  4. After i read your article I was pondering the warped person that was once a National Figure to our country. As you said, ”confusion”, this is so true. Also as the world applauds this sick behavior it also humilates it and shames and laughs at it as a joke. Thats how the world operates. They tell you how OK it is to express yourself then they drag you through the mud leaving its victims in even a worst state of mind.

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