“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. (Ps. 127:1)”

“I bless all of My people as far as I can. But the reason there is not the move of God and the depth of the flow of the Spirit, and the fullness of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost today is because men do not take time to hear from Me. And they do not take time to follow My plan set forth in the Scriptures. The more closely you follow My plan, the more My power will be in demonstration and in manifestation.”

These were the words of Jesus spoken to the late Kenneth E. Hagin in a 3 hour visitation in 1987. If you are interested in the details of that visitation you can read it in his book, Plans, Purposes, and Pursuits.

When we were missionaries in West Africa we received a mandate from the Lord to establish interdenominational Bible training centers with an emphasis on discipleship. We started a training center on Saturday while having voluntary discipleship programs during the week. Soon when word got out many church members from all kinds of denominational backgrounds flocked to our schools.

Many pastors, however, and even other missionaries got jealous and annoyed at our success. They began to bad-mouth us and offer certain church members positions of authority with pay to not go to our school. Some also began to start their own church Bible schools.

Think about that. We had the Lord’s plan for our lives and ministry, and other pastors were hindering it, and substituting their own plans and their own purposes for God’s. Who ultimately suffers? Is it not the people? The people are robbed of a God plan and a God opportunity to be trained and equipped.

In that 3 hour visitation the Lord also told Brother Hagin that oftentimes men’s purposes are also wrong and He cannot bless them because their purposes must be lined up with His plans. The purpose of some of these pastors was to protect their own church and grow their own work. They failed to properly discern the body of Christ.

Think about how much of this goes on today – much of it quietly and behind the scenes. We can get so busy promoting our own church, ministry, and work that we forget the body of Christ.

When God looks down on a city He doesn’t see one church but He sees the entire body in that city. What could happen if there was real spiritual unity in cities across America? If the body of Christ rose up as one?

It was when the early Church was in prayer and in one accord that it was birthed. It was when they followed Jesus’ instructions to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Ghost that revival came.

I was preaching along these lines in a pastor’s conference one time and I told them that they could either be a key or a lock to the move of God in their cities. If pastors are not careful they can form a fraternity and oppose what the Lord wants to do in their city. I’ve tried to do neutral meetings and find very little cooperation among pastors in America. Most of them are not interested in the benefit the entire body of Christ will receive but only their church.

When we started these Bible training centers in West Africa the churches that recognized this as God’s bigger plan and cooperated with us were the most blessed. You will always be blessed when you cooperate with God’s plan – whether it is for your individual life and ministry or a part of a bigger picture for the body of Christ.

Only walking in the light of God’s plan can you know the fullness of His blessing. Failure to follow God’s plan and purpose and to move with Him kills the move of the Spirit. This results in dead, dry, and dull churches that have dissension, strife, and splits.

Those who will take time to wait on the Lord and hear from Him and pursue His plan for their lives and ministries will be ready for the move that God is wanting to bring upon the earth today.

Kenneth E. Hagin’s awesome visitation occurred nearly 30 years ago. In my opinion the body of Christ in general is further from God’s true plans and purposes than they were back then. We need a course correction. We need men that know how to hear from God because frankly, if the Holy Ghost walked into most churches today with a red suit and a red hat on most pastors wouldn’t recognize Him, or they’d be so taken up with their own plans and programs that they would override what the Holy Ghost is trying to say and do.

If you’re too busy to wait on God and discover His plan for your life, you may go through your entire pilgrimage here on the earth and everything you do will be in vain. Then what will you say to God on that Day when you will give account?



  1. Thank you for this post…I just read it again, and I noticed your mention of the necessity of unity in the Church. I’d never thought of the result of following God’s plan to be unity–that it’s not just about us as individuals, or our church, ultimately! Then in unity we could expect to see the power of God?

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