There was a story told of a prostitute whose father was her pimp. Can you imagine? When she was gloriously saved her father went into a fit of rage.

Even though this woman was born again she had no sense of value and worth. She felt like a commodity and had a difficult time believing that Jesus had forgiven her. She felt unloved, dirty, and rotten. All day long she’d bathe herself in an effort to try and feel clean.

One night she couldn’t sleep because the voice of the Spirit overwhelmed her. All night long she had heard the words, “You are accepted in the Beloved, you are accepted in the Beloved, you are accepted in the Beloved!”

The Holy Spirit had persuaded her of her righteousness in Christ. The voice of love, acceptance, and affirmation set her free from a mountain of guilt and condemnation and motivated her to serve Jesus.

This is the real grace of God.

Prophetic utterance:

“Like the prostitute there are many today who are not receiving My true grace. Worrying about not having enough for yourself is due to a lack of understanding My true grace. It’s when people understand My love for them that they will also begin to receive My grace. My grace will release them from serving themselves.

My grace is not based on your works, but instead your works is based on My grace. It is not your faithfulness that releases My grace, but it is My grace that releases your faithfulness.

Neither circumcision nor un-circumcision avail or profit anything, but only the new nature. Neither works nor lack of works profit you, but yielding to the new nature.

The Law is based on outward restraints, but grace is based on an inward transformation. Yielding to the new nature, which is given by My grace, is My highway to heaven and the key to much fruitfulness on the earth.

Tell the people that My provision for them is not based on their performance, but their promotion in My kingdom and their eternal reward is.

Tell them that they are My children and My grace is sufficient for all their needs.

When My children understand their sonship and their place in the family, then and only then will they be free to serve Me instead of themselves.”

Fear is the result of no faith in God.
No faith in God is a result of no revelation of grace.
No revelation of grace means you don’t yet believe God loves you, which means you don’t believe the gospel.

Grace is an inward force that enables and empowers us to live in obedience to God.

A proper image of God the Father and your position of sonship in His family is what creates grace in you and causes that grace to be multiplied.



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