Every new year there is a re-evaluation and a subsequent re-ordering of many people’s lives. One of the highest purposes of God in His kingdom is the love of God. If love is not your motive it throws everything else off in your life.

Love is the wavelength of God. It is the Divine frequency of the total measure of heaven. This is the first place I go to in my heart of hearts, especially when a new year commences.

Am I abiding in Christ’s love? Is there the slightest bit of offense and unforgiveness or ill-will in my heart? Is the motive of my heart to serve? Am I saying or doing anything that is hurting others or contributing to someone’s downfall?

The wisdom of God is not given to the person with selfish agendas. God won’t share His wisdom with those who are on a different frequency. He won’t share His wisdom with those who are not interested blessing others.

But if your heart is to bless people, to help people, and to genuinely encourage them then you are on God’s page. He will always honor the heart that loves, and in that place you will find His wisdom. And is not wisdom the principal thing? Is it not wisdom that establishes a house?

Ask yourself: Why would God share His wisdom with one who is not following His plan and does not have God’s interests at heart? His wisdom is not for fools, nor for those who have selfish agendas.

The first rule of the kingdom is Mat. 6:33: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto thee.”

Since the kingdom of God works by love – since love is the new commandment by which the kingdom operates, all things not based on that love are out of order in the kingdom of God.

Conversely, by making every motive of your heart like the Son of man, who said he came to serve and not to be served, then you position yourself to receive the wisdom of God, by which every plan is established. A spirit of love and servanthood will keep you at death’s door to your own flesh and self-centered desires.

This must be the first order in your life. Without this foundation all you do will be in vain because you are not on God’s frequency. And there is no eternal reward attached to it.

There’s a reason why Jesus began his public ministry in Matthew’s gospel by teaching on the motives of the heart. It is foundational to the kingdom of heaven. I wrote the book, “Purity of Heart” based on that revelation.

If you will pay attention to your heart, it will grieve you or smite you the moment you start saying or doing something that is damaging or hurting others.

For example, God’s will is for sinners to be saved. When we lived in Florida we had an unsaved neighbor whose dog would always poop in our yard. It would aggravate me and make me angry. I would be tempted to shovel the poop and smudge it on one of the windows in their house. I know you’ve never had such carnal thoughts before.

As a matter of fact, every time I found dog poop in the yard I had that same temptation. But my conscience would smite me and the love of God would constrain me for the lost souls that were a part of that household. I wanted to keep my testimony clean before them so I could be in a position to be witness to them. Your witness before the world is to be valued even more than material wealth.

We could apply that same situation to all kinds of scenarios. Taking vengeance on someone because of a wrong they did to you. Speaking evil of someone because they offended you. Robbing someone of an opportunity for favor or promotion because you don’t like them. Not showing love and mercy to your neighbor because their dog poops in your yard (smile). It could be one million things.

Make sure your heart is tender and right as you begin this new year. In God’s love there is light and wisdom for you. And it is His wisdom that will establish your house.


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