Every spirit that’s of God will talk in line, walk in line, and act in line with the written Word. For the Word has been given by the Spirit and that which contradicts the Word is not of the Spirit. So one is at a disadvantage if they don’t know the Word, or if the Word has not been taught or preached unto them. And so truly they are spiritual children and at a disadvantage.

Be no longer spiritual babies or children who are carried about with every wind of doctrine whereby they lie in cunning craftiness to deceive.

Stand firm upon the Word. Follow those of sound character. Follow those who have proven themselves over the years as steadfast and true. Follow those who are not filled with frivolity and foolishness. Follow those who are true, for I say unto you that there are many false apostles and prophets loose in the land today.

Those who go about calling themselves apostles are not apostles. Do not honor them as apostles. Those who have a true bonafide ministry in this area will be recognized by the body of Christ, and the body will be the ones who recognize them and honor them.

And those who call themselves apostles and say, “I am apostle so and so,” or “I am prophet so and so” don’t you accept it for a moment for they are false apostles and false prophets.

Those who are truly called of Me saith the Lord of hosts will humble themselves before Me and will  minister in the power of the Spirit, and they will have a recognized ministry without putting any name tag on it, and the Church will be blessed.

But those who come along and say, “I’m a prophet and you must listen to me; you must do what I tell you to do, and follow me.” No, they’re not following the Lord so don’t follow them. You follow the Lord and you will be blessed and your children, home, and household shall be blessed and you will be a blessing to many.

But follow that which is false, and confusion will set in and the enemy will gain control over you and over your children and over your household, and great shall be the fall thereof. But walking in the light will dispel all darkness and fear will depart and the goodness of the Lord shall be thine and thou shalt enjoy the blessings of your heavenly Father and you’ll have much cause for rejoicing.



  1. Oh, what a word! Loved that man of God! Follow those of sound character, those that are tried and true. If Christians would just even follow that and not some sparkly flash in the pan, they and their families would be so much better off. We will know them by their fruits! God bless you Bro. Bert, keep the good Words coming!

  2. Thanks for sharing this!! It is truly a beautiful word full of truth!! Love Papa Hagin…………..and love you both too!! Keep speaking truth and let your lights brightly shine!! Hugs, Heidi

  3. Speaking as a Rhema Graduate (1987), it does my heart good to read this. I often speak with friends in ministry who are also Alumni of Rhema and the conversation is usually about how right on Dad (Kenneth E. Hagin) was, and if only the Body of Christ would have just stuck with what he taught and Prophesied, how much better off we would all be. You are so right Bert, this is just as true today and maybe more so than when it was originally Prophesied!

  4. Reblogged this on Living Faith Realities and commented:
    Another fine example of why I loved and miss the ministry of one of my greatest mentors, Rev. Kenneth E. (Dad) Hagin. This Prophetic Word from 1990 is just as relevant today as it was then. He who has ears to hear let himmhearvwhat the Spirit would say to the church.

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