“It is a law of God that as you seek Him with all your heart heaven broods over you and breeds in you the very blueprints of its plans for you and your life. Down in your spirit they begin to form and take shape, and like flashes of light, they flare upon the eyes of your inner man, and you see it: First God, then yourself; then His plans, and then God again. Your life is hid in Christ and only God can reveal it by His Spirit. This is why you must seek Him with all your heart.” (Prophetic utterance)

One day as I was worshiping the Lord in a quiet, wooded area I heard a voice that seemed to come from behind me say, “This is the way. Walk ye in it.” I almost looked around to see who said this when I realized those words had come out of my own mouth.

This phrase exploded in me when God spoke it. I recognized this statement as a verse of scripture from the Bible (Isa 30:21), but the Holy Spirit spoke it to me. It came as a real revelation to me because of the setting it was spoken in. You see, I was crying out to God for some guidance and direction in some areas of my life, and this phrase was what the Spirit of God encouraged me with.

When our fellowship with the Lord is in its rightful place in our lives, then there is divine order. God told me what I needed to know. He was encouraging me in the way of the Lord and speaking to me of the order He wanted in my life. Worship before all things, and you’ll be assured direction.

God’s way is worship and communing with Him. God’s way is loving Him with all our hearts. Seek God’s face and fellowship continually. Follow hard after Him. Make it the business of your life and strength. Let everything else be subservient and in order from that place of love and worship.


“The walk of the Spirit comes easy only when you wait on Him. Worship Him. Sing to Him. Bless Him. Prophetic songs will come from the Spirit of the Lord, and your soul shall be as a watered garden because of the rain of the Spirit, and you shall have gladness of heart.

“It is here in this place that you will hear the glory of His voice. This spirit of glory and gladness will rest upon you and be your victory in times of battle and warfare. The breath of the Lord is the song in your heart which kindles the fire of His love. It is here in this place where the pleasant praises and songs of the Lord are sung that your wilderness becomes a fruitful field where righteousness dwells. This is your sure dwelling and your quiet resting place, where faith, confidence, and assurance are strong and where the voice of the Lord is heard.” (Prophetic utterance)

Walking with God is not about formulas; it’s about friendship. Friends love the Lord with all their hearts. When we fulfill the great commandment we will fulfill the great commission also. Even prayer without love is dry, a work, and an obligation. True prayer is simply friendship and communion with God. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, sometimes you talk, sometimes you listen, sometimes you sing, dance, and rejoice, and other times you weep, groan, and travail.

Prayer was never meant to be a mere intermittent religious exercise. It is life and love. It is meeting with your best friend who knows everything about everything. Consider the privilege of dining with such a One. Consider the honor of having access and freedom into the very secrets of His great heart.

Open the gates of your heart and life, and let the King of glory in.


2 thoughts on “THIS IS THE WAY – WALK YE IN IT

  1. Amen.

    I was listening to a sermon from Leonard Ravenhill this morning who was speaking of the same thing. God wants our worship above all else…when Abraham went up to the mountain to sacrifice Isaac Abraham told his servants “the boy and I will go over and worship and come back to you” Gen 22:5. Sacrifice is worship..obedience to his word his worship..God wants all of us…in giving all of us to him, we are worshiping the Lord.

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