This is not what you think it is so back up (LOL). Or rather, move forward (smile).

I think if you were to ask any sincere Christian if they desired a greater level of intimacy with the Lord they would respond affirmatively. What earnest believer doesn’t want to be closer to the Lord and know His heart and ways? But if we desire this depth of fellowship with Him we must know one of the secrets of God’s ways.

You can’t just blurt out and freely share everything the Lord shares with you. If you do, He won’t confide in you any more, at least for a season, until you learn to value intimacy with Him on a higher level.

Sometimes the Lord will share something with us in confidence that is meant only for us – in the same way a couple would share intimate things in the privacy of their own bedroom that is not meant for anyone else. I think any spouse would be gravely disappointed and upset if intimate secrets between both of you were shared with others. If you share what the Lord meant to be intimate just between the two of you, you demonstrate that you are not worthy of that level of fellowship.

Well, naturally you might ask: “How do I know what to share and what not to share?”  One simple way to tell is by tuning in to your spirit. Even though you might know what you shared was indeed from the Lord, were you grieved when you shared it? And what was your motive in sharing it? Honestly.

This is one of the reasons the Lord sometimes stops sharing intimate things with a believer.  If a believer does not value intimacy with the Lord but cheapens it by blabbing it to others he is devaluing it or calling common that which is uncommon. You are devaluing that intimate place and time with Him. The value you place on it is how it is measured back to you.

Then He said to them, “Take heed what you hear. With the same measure you use, it will be measured to you; and to you who hear, more will be given. For whoever has, to him more will be given; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.”

You will attract whatever you honor. Conversely, you will detract or repel whatever you dishonor.

The same thing happens when you talk negatively about other fellow Christians or ministers. There is so much of this that goes on across social networks and in public arenas. How can the Lord trust any believer who speaks ill-will of his brother or sister?

The Lord will often hide secrets from the insincere or fickle believer so he can search out his own motives. Why haven’t you heard from the Lord? Often we don’t receive more light from Him because we are not walking in the light we’ve already been given. This is also the reason Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes so he could bring forth the prejudices and pretenses that were in their hearts.

If we don’t deal with our own hearts we will not grow in Him. If we don’t learn our lessons we won’t learn His secrets. This is one of the primary reasons for stunted spiritual growth in the body of Christ today.

It hurts the Lord deeply when we treat intimacy with Him so cheaply. He is jealous of our time with Him and of the secrets He may share with us.

Now you can back up. What’s the last intimate thing the Lord shared with you? Did you go out and immediately blab it? What’s the last direction He gave you? Have you done it? What keeps coming up in your spirit that He is dealing with you about? Have you heeded it? 


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