It is required of My servant-sons that they be obedient above all else. The desire for obedience must be the delight of all who would follow the Lamb. This is the mind of Christ. The desire for obedience is preferred above the desire to hear My voice and receive My counsel. For what profit is there in hearing My counsel and not obeying it?

The meat of obedience was the Lamb’s food. The meat of obedience was the core value of His entire life. Even when He was seen in the temple at 12 years of age, he was surprised to find that His parents did not know that He was about His Father’s business.

The great delight of the Lamb was to do the Father’s will. He had no desire to initiate any action or assignment outside of the will of His Father. The Lamb’s love for the Father manifested even to the obedience of the death of the cross.

Behold the Lamb in Gethsemane! Behold Him in the garden of His greatest trial as He sweat great drops of blood! Behold Him at the scourging post! Behold His desire to drink the cup when His flesh and natural man cried out against it! With the horrors of His separation from the Father facing Him, behold how He prayed that the Father’s will would be done!

I search the hearts of men for this perfect heart. I search the hearts of men and test them with small acts of obedience. I search the hearts of men to see if they are willing to do what I say. I will not say what I know they will not do. Where there is not this willing heart of obedience there is not love strong enough to receive even a portion of the mind of Christ.

Where is the love of the Lamb among My people? Why should I give My counsel to the disobedient? In my mercy I have chosen not to give many My counsel lest their insufficient character brings an accusation against them and causes a curse to come. Many have not even developed sufficient character to even obey My written counsel. So why should I reveal My hidden counsel to those who are not even obedient to My written (revealed) counsel?

I would have you understand the depths of the meaning of the words of My Son, “I delight to do thy will, oh God; yes, Thy law is within My heart.” This is the work I desire to do in those who are willing to follow the Lamb. When this purging work is done so that this more perfect heart is developed in them then I will grant them a greater and greater capacity to hear instructions fit for mature sons. I will open their ears.

My love must mature in My children so that they will obey Me. He who loves me keeps My commandments. Then will I manifest my glory in him and My Father and I will make our home in him and share our counsel.

My commandments are not grievous because they come with grace and truth. Grievous commandments would be those meant for the mature that are given to the immature. I am a good Father and I do not put a yoke on any of My children that will gender bondage. Satan is the one who will use the flesh and the carnal mind of man to put requirements on My children that I have not even placed on them Myself.

Personal comments: The meat of obedience was the core value of the Son’s life (John 4:34) (2 Cor. 10:3-5).

Obedience is not only a manifestation of the love of God but of the fear of the Lord.

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