It was the first day of school.

We had homeschooled Daniel during his elementary years, and then enrolled him in a private Christian school during his middle school years. Now, at the direction of the Lord, he was going into public high school.

During the morning of the first day of high school, as I was waiting with Daniel for the school bus to come, so many questions raced through my mind. Was this the right choice to send our son to public school? Did we hear the Lord accurately? Was Daniel spiritually strong enough to withstand the peer pressure of the world and other teenagers? Would he be able to relate to his peers and make friends? Would he compromise his strong Christian upbringing to have friends? How would he handle being teased about his faith? How would he handle the spirit of this age especially during these critical teenage years when vulgar language, drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex are rampant?

Like arrows being shot into my mind the questions kept coming, and all I could do was trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding (Prv. 3:5). He had directed us to send Daniel to public high school. All of us as a family had peace about it. The Lord told us that he was ready, and that these next four years of high school were to be a significant part of his training.

While waiting for the school bus on that first day of high school, Daniel and I prayed as we often did, and then I blessed him and committed him to the Lord. Then the school bus pulled up. As Daniel crossed the street, my reflective gaze was firmly fixed on him as he walked up to the bus, climbed the steps, and then the door shut behind him. I watched as the bus rolled away from our neighborhood and disappeared around the corner onto the main street.

My heart left me.

I couldn’t wait for him to come home.

I remember feeling a knot in the pit of my stomach. I had just sent Daniel, my only begotten son, tender, innocent, and without guile, into the lion’s den. We had trained him for this moment, and for these years. Now it was time for the training to be put to the test.

Would it produce?


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