My Son, My Son: New Book Launches Today!

Dear Christian Friends and Book Readers,

What happens when your son whom you’ve raised in church comes home from college and confesses that he is a homosexual?

What happens when an evangelist’s daughter becomes a professing atheist?

And what about when your teenage daughter who has also been raised in church finds out she’s pregnant out of wedlock?

What is a Christian parent to do? What else can a loving parent do but die a thousand deaths and continue to love their son or daughter?

Thank God there is forgiveness and redemption. Thank God He is the God of the second and third chance, and His mercy endures forever, and His lovingkindnesses will never fail.

The consequences, however, are something that is hard to live with, and there is very often deep pain and regret. People are resilient, and with God’s help and His amazing grace they manage to live through these kind of difficult and trying circumstances.

And then you realize the wisdom of the old adage that prevention is indeed better than cure.

I want to help more parents avoid this tragedy. I want to teach them prevention. I want to help men impart the father’s blessing of possession and belonging to their children – to affirm them as the Heavenly Father affirmed Jesus by saying: “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

I want you to learn to teach your children the fear of the Lord, and to cultivate their spiritual appetite. I want to teach you to shepherd their tender hearts from a very young age.

When the Lord laid on my heart to write a book for parents I wondered exactly how I would do that. Another parenting book? Really? Aren’t there enough of them out there?

But then He said: “I want you and Daniel (my son) to jointly write it, going back and forth through the different seasons of your lives together – with pictures.” When I heard it spoken like that I got excited! I saw the uniquenesss of it. And then I saw that God’s story is also about a Father and a Son, and how precious that story is to each of us who know it!

In this new father-son book my son and I have borne our souls and shared our journey in the hopes that many parents will receive light, wisdom, and understanding to raise champion children.

Now after many months of hard work we are pleased to announce the release of our new book.

The book is available for full cost on Amazon (My Son, My Son), but for the rest of this month we are offering a 20% discount off our website – (Holy Fire Ministries)

Purchase one for yourself, or if you are a grandparent, purchase one for your children. I can’t think of a greater way to invest in your own legacy. And if after reading it you find the book is worthy, kindly leave a review on Amazon.

I hope you will take advantage of this life-giving book. Thank you for your time and consideration.

In the Father’s love,

Bert Farias


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