Take the steps I tell you to take and leave the results to Me. Don’t try to figure it out in your head, but follow Me with your heart. Don’t be concerned about what is next until you’ve fulfilled what is now. Disentangle yourself from the next and entangle yourself in the now. Remember your tendencies to run ahead. Guard against this hastiness, for I do not order the steps of hasty feet.

Hasty feet are untimely feet. They move before the time. They are out of sync with heaven’s rhythm and rhyme. Slopes they come down on, but on hills and mountains they cannot climb. They are strong in the flesh, but weak in the Spirit. Do not put your trust in hasty feet. I alone will order your feet to run and not be weary as you wait on Me. And I will cause you to walk on high places and not faint.

You are in the school of discipline and part of the training is to break the bondage and yoke of hastiness off you. You must be cleared of this to fly. For they that wait upon the Lord shall mount up their wings as eagles. Wait on Me, and you will see My favor and My glory.




  1. I appreciated the timeliness for me of this post. My daughter was here today and expressed her concerns about my future and some issues that would be left for me were I to be widowed. They aren’t things I haven’t thought about or talked over with my husband who isn’t concerned about them. The temptation is to take some action yet Papa and I have discussed these things and He reminds me of times in the past I worried about the future and trusted Him with my future. And He never left me without essentials or a roof over my head at night.

    So to open your email and read this post was great confirmation that I can trust Papa to be my provider in these later days of my life and I don’t have to try and get my husband to do things… As if it would work anyway!

    • Amen! So glad for the confirmation and the inspired utterance encouraging you. Thanks for letting me know! It’s always a blessing for me to know people actually receive some blessing from our blogs and posts.

  2. Thank You Bert, I needed to read this today. I keep trying to do things that I need to leave for the Lord to guide me, I know it, but I still sometimes think I have to fix everything when I can’t, but HE can. Again, Thanks for posting and have a Blessed day.

  3. Wow, this is just timely, I received some insight while I was worshipping God, I got the word ‘Hasty Feet’ I got this from God in response to my question to him about some physical issue I am facing in my body and God told me this is my issue and I need to resolve this. As I reflect my life it is actually true, can you please guide how I can be delivered off this yoke and bondage of ‘Hasty Feet’ ?

    • The answer is there: “I alone will order your feet to run and not be weary as you wait on Me.” Waiting on God in prayer and fasting will break it off.

      Grace and blessings to you.

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