The Holy Spirit can bless you when you read the scriptures. The Holy Spirit can direct you as you witness for Christ. The Holy Spirit can anoint you as you preach and teach the Word of God. But if you want to have daily, regular intimate communion with the Holy Spirit you need to cultivate a sensitivity and receptivity to where His heart is leading you.

Opportunities to minister the love and power of God are so often lost due to insensitivity to those around us. Whoever receives the least of these, Jesus said, receives Me. Daily Jesus passes us by and we don’t discern Him. We must be trained to follow the flow of love. When love moves in you, you must stop, yield, and follow that leading. But this love is not a mushy, sentimental love, but a love in the Spirit.

A precious sister in the Lord kept coming to our hearts in prayer. We discerned it and were moved to bless her with a financial gift. How encouraging this was to her when we obeyed! A life was lifted. A life was drawn closer to God. A life became more aware of God’s care for her. Don’t ever despise those small acts of obedience for they are big in God’s sight.

Again a pastor couple came to our hearts in prayer. Through the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit we identified with their struggles. We prayed for them and asked the Lord if we were to help meet the need, and we were led to do so.

Roger is a friend of ours who is a hairdresser. His ministry is to those who sit in that chair all day long. What opportunities to listen to people’s struggles, and then counsel them by the Spirit! And then they return and you develop a trusted relationship with them. One person at a time becomes your ministry. “Go for the one…go for the one… go for the one”, I hear the Spirit saying. Some are not ready to be led to Christ, but all have the need to be loved and encouraged.

I first realized this truth in the early days of my ministry. I tried so hard to lead people to Christ, but with few results. Here is a testimony from someone: As I was in prayer, the Lord spoke to my heart, “How many quail would Israel had caught if they had gone quail hunting in the wilderness?” I responded, “Lord, not too many.” “How did the quail get caught?” the Lord continued to ask me. I then realized God sent the wind, which brought the quail. The Lord was trying to show me the difference between chasing souls without the Holy Spirit’s strategy and working in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Then the Lord said something to me that totally changed my life. “You must get to know and work with the Holy Spirit.”






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