For a new breed of troops to arise there must be given a new breed of training. For many of my past trainees have only been trained for the easy and the soft, and not for the rigorous and the hard. Many have been trained of the letter but not of the Spirit, and so they stand unequipped for the battle and an easy target for the enemy. Sow to the Spirit and so shall their swords be sharpened for the flesh has made them dull. For in the flesh is weariness and hands that hang down with the shield of faith.

Prepare them to march to a different spirit. Root out the flesh, selfish ambition, and pride and train them to walk by the Lord’s side, for the Lord resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

The training must be accurate and precise according to calling and grace. Do not seek to make them what they are not, but help them find what they are; according to calling and grace, not color or race, everyone in their place. Then shall they learn to use their weapons and overcome the enemy.

And be careful to remember that the trainee is only as good as the trainer. Be skillful in your training and learn to use the Word of God with precision and accuracy, holding forth the word of life and being a shining example of a doer of that word.

And as a good army officer knows well the different phases of training so know the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Know the readiness of your troops and the ability I’ve placed in each one. Prove them and know that they are soldiers fit to fight.


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