At one time North Africa was predominantly Christian. Islam gradually gained ground when the Church became passive. Today in the greater part of North Africa Islamic governments rule, and have instituted laws making it a criminal offense to preach the gospel and convert people to Christ.

When today’s Church becomes passive, tomorrow’s generations suffer. Throughout the last few centuries generations born and raised in North Africa have not had the privilege to hear the gospel. The Church must take the blame. By default, through passivity, the Church was lulled to sleep by the enemy.

Europe is another continent that was entrusted with the gospel in the early centuries and at one time had many strong churches that dotted its landscape. Today a good number of European nations are like cesspools infested with atheism, humanism, and false religion. Not too long ago during WW II and the rule of Hitler, it is very possible that a strong Church could have stopped him. Again, they were too passive.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the great German pastor and theologian was asked in 1943 how it was possible for the Church to sit back and let Hitler seize absolute power. His firm answer: “It was the teaching of cheap grace.”
Apparently this teaching resulted in passivity within the Church that once again allowed the enemy to move in.

What can the American Church learn from this?

Isn’t it interesting that now in our day there are doctrines floating around that gender passivity? The “no hell” doctrine; universalism; gay “Christianity, the “no repentance” doctrine, etc. are examples of such. These types of teachings are coated with a greasy grace that diminishes pro-action and human responsibility, and they are dressed in a mushy sentimental love that is incapable of hating anything. Combine that with big government dependency from large segments of our society who are willing to be bought out, and you have a recipe for moral and spiritual bankruptcy in the Church and the nation.

It’s no secret that the White House opposes the gospel of Jesus Christ. After winning the recent election one campaign manager boasted, “We’ve defeated Christianity”. Don’t kid yourself. The cards are being stacked up. Yes, I know, we are not of this world. We’re just pilgrims just passing through. We are part of another kingdom and we cannot destroy the evil that is in the world. An evil government is not the issue unless you have a weak Church. And that’s my point. The examples I’ve cited above are enough to put that sort of reasoning to rest.

May the mighty Church awaken and arise and may many more be added to her number.

Bert M. Farias, founder of Holy Fire Ministries, is the author of several books including The Real Spirit of Revival and co-host of the New England Holy Ghost Forum. He is a missionary revivalist carrying a spirit of revival to the Church and the nations. Follow him at Bert Farias on Facebook or @Bertfarias1 on Twitter. Or subscribe to his blog via email so you won’t miss them.



  1. I think I have just one critique for this article: What is the authors definition of passivity? If by passive, you mean, we do not stand for truth, we do not evangelize, we do not expose and condemn evil – if this is the definition, I whole-heartedly agree. However, if by passivity, you mean, we did not meet the muslims, or Hitler, etc, with guns, violence, or physical confrontation, I would contend that. Now, I will guess that the author’s idea is the former, in the best hope, and in conformity with Biblical teaching, however, there are many who, without definition, would opt not to remain “passive”, and go forth to fight, and in a way our Lord never intended. Much love, Br. Bert.

    • You know me too well, Daniel, to think I meant the latter. I should’ve made that clear, however, lest people think otherwise. Anyway, thanks for your comments. Between my last blog, “It’s Time To Revolt” and this one, I could see how people could get the wrong impression about me and think I am a Christian jihadist.

  2. Pastor Bert, I discovered your blog recently, and I have been much edified by some of your posts. I have even reposted some of them. I believe you have a real passion for the Lord and I give God glory for your clear stand against the moral decline of this nation. I would urge though, that you dig even deeper and expose how deep the rot actually goes. It is absolutely shameful that the church is now embracing the perversion of homosexuality but this is only the latest error in a long history of the church dancing to the beat of American culture. Where do we even start? The beginning of this nation? Large segments of the church supported and actively participated in the evil injustice carried out against the Native Americans and African slaves. And since then, large segments of the church have actively participated and even cheered on America’s injustices, godless pride, war mongering, greed and now sexual immorality and perversion. I fear that we are blind to the fact that we have been blind for a very long time.

    In your article titled “The damnable doctrine of inclusion” you pointed out correctly that the path to salvation is narrow. You explained that people who practice homosexuality and people who embrace false religions are not on the narrow path, and I wholeheartedly agree. But Oh brother, the path is ever narrower than that! Jesus mentioned the narrow path in Matthew chapter 7, after giving his commands on the sermon on the mount, so walking on the narrow path must also involve obedience to his teachings in that sermon. Teachings such as: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth. Anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, causes her to become an adulteress, and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery. But then, our emphasis is rarely ever on such things – Never mind that the sermon on the mount is our Lord’s first sermon in the Bible (and possibly the longest) and that the same commands are repeated over and over in the New testament by Jesus and the apostles.

    These commands of Jesus were directed at his followers – those who claim to know him. And it is to these people that he says “Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of heaven”. We know from scripture that the practicing homosexual who refuses to repent from his sin will go to hell. We know also that those who reject Jesus as Savior have no salvation – and we are called to call such people to repentance in Christ. At the same time, we must warn professing Christians that continued violation of the commands of Jesus Christ will be the leading cause of Christians going to hell. On that last day, many tongue-talking, prophesying, conservative-voting, fox news-watching believers will be in for a rude shock.

    It’s such an awful shame that the New Testament is filled with the beautiful teachings of our Lord Jesus and his apostles – The highest moral standard ever revealed to mankind, and yet our passion has been largely focused on homosexuality and abortion while we blatantly ignore the rest of the teachings of our Lord. I can think of only one explanation for this absurd state of affairs in the church – We have unwittingly permitted the political right wing to define for us what our biblical standards and priorities should be.

    I plead with you Pastor Bert, and anyone reading this. Please take some time and read through the words of Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7) and also read his other teachings in the gospels. Then, ask yourself this question: What if Jesus actually meant every word he said? What if my very salvation depended on those words? Then ask yourself this question – Do any of the political parties in this country represent these ideals as commanded by Jesus Christ? I believe the answer that any sincere truth seeker will arrive at is this – Both America’s right and Left wing are in opposition to the commands and teachings of Jesus Christ (And yes, that would include the tea party too).

    Pastor Bert, please forgive my long comment. You speak about righteous blood boiling. Well, my righteous blood boils about this too. In fact, my heart bleeds. As we speak, both parties are becoming more and more rigid and extreme and in their positions – There seems to be no end to the name calling, the harsh language, the slandering, the accusations – and the body of Christ is right there, in the middle of the fray, soiling itself in the mud with the rest of the world who have no hope beyond a political system.

    And who knows where the present political division will ultimately lead? There have been accusations from both sides, alleging that the other side is considering violence. As we speak, some Americans are stocking up on weapons, preparing themselves for a showdown. And what if things come of that? Would the church still remain in the fray or would we be wise enough to pull out then? Or would the followers of the Prince of peace arm themselves and participate in bloodshed? Oh what a tragedy that would be.

    Pastor Bert, I implore you to use the influence and readership you presently have, to call the church to a repentance deeper than what they had imagined was necessary. You have access to Charisma magazine. You have your blog. Write your heart out, Pastor Bert and warn them. Warn them that the rot runs extremely deep. Warn them to repent of being unequally yoked with men whose goal is political power. Warn them of becoming corrupted to the point that we’ve mixed up the values of the Republican party with the values of the Kingdom of God (And everything I have written above, also applies to the Christians who have also unwisely chosen to align themselves with the political left). Warn them to repent of placing their hope in the politics of the Kingdoms of this world and to set their hope fully on the grace to be brought to us when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. (1 Pet 1:13)

    But what about being the salt and light of the earth you may ask? Should Christians just abandon the nation they love and stand aside and watch it crumble? My response is: Let us be the salt and the light of the earth – in the way Jesus said we should be! The first time our Lord mentioned being the salt and light was again, in the same Sermon on the mount. The Christian lifestyle that our Lord laid out in that sermon and in the rest of the New Testament is the formula for being the salt and light of the world – if we actually live it out and display our good works for the world to see. As Jesus put it: “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see YOUR GOOD DEEDS and glorify your Father in heaven”.

    That was how the apostles and the early church did it. They preached the word fearlessly and lived it consistently and they turned the world upside down. And guess what? They did it under a tyrannical, undemocratic, idolatrous, homosexuality-permitting, invading and occupying Roman government which abused their religious freedoms and persecuted them again and again.

    Yet, never once do we read in any of their writings, even one word of complaint about the Roman government nor do we hear them express a desire to change the government through their own means. My dear brother, if we do what they did, then perhaps we might find the success they found. But it will require much repentance and the kind of death to self that is largely unknown in the American church. My final words to every reader: Please repent. Read all over again, the commands of Jesus and apostles. Accept them, obey them wholeheartedly as best you can, and God will give you grace to become more and more like Christ daily. If all the professing Christians in this nation do that today, America will change. He who has ears, let him hear.

    God bless you, brother. If you are led to do so (or anyone else reading this), please feel free to share any or part of my comment. I can be reached at

  3. Indeed, I am richly blessed by all your comments. A holy flame is rekindled within my spirit. Good job keep the flag flying for sure evil must capitulate before righteousness.

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