And I heard this phrase in my spirit, “Make sure you are living in Ps 126 and not Ps 137.” In Ps 137 the children of Israel are in captivity and have no joy, laughter, or song in their hearts. But in Ps 126 they are full of joy and gladness and the spirit of prayer (weeping), and they are working in the harvest fields and reaping the fruit of it.

America is in a time of captivity right now, and many Christians have fallen into the same. The Church was divided in the recent presidential election. Many voted without discernment. They wanted change and they got change, just not the kind they thought they would get. Don’t kid yourself; America will never recover certain things she has lost in the recent election. I say it again: America is in captivity and many in the Church are likewise.

But for those who will stay close to Jesus He will be to you as the governor of the feast who turned the water into wine and saved the best wine for last. As in John 2 also in Acts 2; water turned to wine! Peter spoke boldly and said, “These men are not drunk as you suppose…” Rivers of living water coming forth from their bellies turned to wine. Glory to God!

And so the oil of joy is flowing and those who love righteousness and hate iniquity, as the Son did, will be anointed with this gladness more than their companions (Heb 1:9). The glory of God will shine on the true Church, the Bride of Christ, and she will do exploits!

There is a line of distinction that has been made. Ps 137 or Ps 126? Which side are you on? Those in Ps 126 are going up, but those in Ps 137 will stay. One will be taken and the other left (Mat 24:36-Mat 25:1-13). As the time approaches the governor of the feast will continue to serve up the new wine. The saints will be marked by righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. The kingdom shall be manifested through them.

Come out of captivity and get into the flow of the Holy Ghost and of Ps 126! When your mouth is filled with laughter and your tongue with singing and praise then you are drinking! When you make a choice to dance and rejoice then you are free!


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