The table the Lord sets is governed by the Holy Ghost. In John 2, at the wedding in Cana, the command was given to fill the 6 waterpots with water. This is symbolic of the regeneration we receive in the new birth and the washing of the water by the word (Eph 5:26) (Titus 3:5). At the appointed time when the command was given to draw out, then and only then, appeared miracle wine. Each waterpot measured 20 gallons for a total of 120. And so was the striking parallel in the upper room when 120 human claypots, disciples of the now resurrected and ascended Lord Jesus, would gather and wait for the appointed time when they, too would receive miracle wine and power from on high.

In the fulness of time, the sound of a mighty rushing wind was heard and the cloven tongues of fire like lightning sat on each one of them (Acts 2:1-3). “Draw out now and pour the water into these human claypots!” proclaimed the governor of the feast. And may I add, one gallon for each (120 gallons distributed evenly among 120 people). Then out of their bellies flowed rivers of living water that suddenly turned to miracle wine, just like at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. And so the show began!

Down from that upper room came that new creation of drunks stumbling and staggering with laughter from the effects of that miracle wine. Days filled with praise now turned into proclamation of the wonderful works of God. Divers kinds of tongues from other nations did each man speak, not having learned but yielding their tongues to utterances hitherto never spoken. In times of old God confused languages of men so that their one tongue could not unify them for evil (Gen 11). Now divers tongues of men and of angels would unite men for good. How marvelous is our God!!!

Some men were amazed and perplexed by this strange phenomena while others mocked, saying, “these men are full of new wine!” But Peter lifted his voice and exclaimed, “these are not drunk as you suppose…but this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel!” (v 14-15)

This is how God chose to pour out His Spirit and introduce His glorious Church to planet earth! Jesus began His ministry this way, and the New Testament Church began this way, too! With miracle wine!!! What do you think of that? It tells you something about our God, does it not? He is the Lord of the feast! The Holy Spirit is as the governor of the feast. He takes pleasure in His people being drunk with joy unspeakable and full of glory. This is the atmosphere of heaven! In His presence there is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore (Ps 16:11).

There is a great dynamic of the Holy Ghost that the Lord desires to re-introduce to His people in this hour. It is the DRUNK CHURCH! Filled with praise…filled with power…filled with glory! As the world succumbs into more darkness and despair the true Church will shine with the glory of the risen King! Many will again be amazed and perplexed while others will continue to mock.

The governor of the feast saves the best wine for last! These are the last days! It’s time to get drunk!!!


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