The Church began as a house of prayer (Acts 1 & 2). It is God’s purpose for the Church to always remain a house of prayer. Every gospel bears witness to the zeal for God’s house being a house of prayer (Mat 21, Mk 11, Lk 19, John 2). The four gospel witness is very, very significant since only 8% of the content in John’s gospel appears in the others.

When God’s house ceases to be a house of prayer, it then by default becomes a place of business. Actually, Jesus stated it much stronger when He called it a den of thieves. This is one of the strongest indictments against the modern day Church.

Apostles were the first ministry gifts appointed by Jesus. He appointed them after a night of prayer (Lk 6:12). Isn’t it interesting how the apostolic is released through prayer? We see the pattern again in the early church (Acts 13:1-3). Once apostles do their work, shepherds are needed (Mat 9:35-36). The harvest is contained by the shepherds. Laborers are released by apostles.

Jesus was a Shepherd, but He was first the Apostle. An apostle is a sent one. The twelve were apostles because they were sent. Divine work can only be done by those who are divinely commissioned. The Church had its beginnings, and thus its roots, in the apostolic.

We need not fear the word “apostle”. It is not a title to be used for personal consumption. It is not a gift to promote greed. It is not a credit card to be flashed for recognition. Rather, it is a glory for the Church. True apostles count themselves last, not first. This ministry often comes with a humiliation and not an exaltation.

The New Testament and its epistles were laid down by apostles. The scriptures are holy because they are God breathed and written in the ink of holy apostolic lives. It is interesting to note also that what tradition has labeled as the “pastoral” epistles (1 and 2 Timothy, Titus) are actually apostolic letters written from an aged apostle (Paul) to younger apostles (Timothy and Titus). The truth is that the authentic apostolic ministry has been overlaid with crusty layers of man-made doctrines and traditions that are so common today. They are now overshadowed by the insecurities of men who have hidden themselves in the systems and structures from which these doctrines and traditions feed and grow.

The Scribes and Pharisees devoured widows’ houses and used the resources to strengthen the systems and structures which their own hands made. The house of prayer had become a place of business, or as Jesus put it, “a den of thieves”. The “give until it hurts” offering would definitely apply here. The statement “God will not bless you unless you give” would also apply.

In the early Church, money and resources were laid at the apostles’ feet, men who devoted themselves to prayer and the Word, men who hazarded their lives for the name of Jesus. Today, money and resources are laid at the feet of men who are not as interested in building God’s house as they are of building a structure, a system, or a place of business. This will never satisfy the cry of God’s heart.

The glory of God will be restored to the Church when we become a house of prayer. Before that happens there will be a shaking and a cleansing. Man-made doctrines and traditions will be confronted. The pastoral ministry shall cooperate more fully with the other ministry gifts. And the authentic apostolic shall be in greater prominence. The best days for the true Church are just ahead.



  1. Totally disagree …. 3rd gen Pentecostal … But what we have going on today is a return (never got fully buried) to Latter Rain … The NAR, IHOP, Prophetic movement, Word faith and more have brought in damnable heresies like the Gnostics of old … What is hard to fathom is that people like yourself honestly believe and follow this stuff! I John, Colossians need to be revisited and shouted from the rooftops today .. False prophets and heresy have corrupted the Pentecostal message and more … Tons of New Age and the pride of man in these heresies … God meant for the Todd Bentley fiasco to wake hyper charismatics up … Since it didn’t … Things are 7 times worse … The narrow road is not inhabited by ear tickling, sign seeking “leaders” and their followers … I would shake in my boots to lead the sheep astray as is happening… I it won’t be long and this Gnostic spirit of the Anti-Christ will usher in their hero … Satan incarnate and the false prophet … Only hope .. Leave, turn from, deny the broad road of destruction … It is the “popular” road and these movements are on it.

    • What exactly are you disagreeing with that I wrote? You said, “What is hard to fathom is that people like yourself honestly believe and follow this stuff!” What stuff are you talking about? What do I believe and follow that is hard to fathom?

  2. It is not so much a restoration of Apostles as it is understanding that the they never ceased to exist in the first place. All of the 5-fold ministry offices: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor & Teacher according to Ephesians chapter 4 were given until…I don’t think we have reached the fulfillment of all of those things yet do you? So therefore all 5 are still required for the church to be equipped fully. It was poor erroneous cessation teaching that caused us to lose some of these vital gifts to begin with.

    • I believe apostles today are pretty much missionaries … And only eternity will reveal the incredible price they paid — many of them martyrs. The biblical outline for churches and elders is quite clear in New Testament writings. Unfortunately, house or build It’s the Any apostolic gifting today is Certainly not like the early church apostles … Nor ever will be again … There is so much error coming out of NAR, I-Hop, Bethel Redding and more … Johnson has revealed a spirit of the anti-Christ with his “kenosis” theory … (1 John 2:18 ). This craziness of prophesying world events … Anyone can do that now with “google” and world news … They apply OT scriptures that are meant for Israel and the Milennial Reign to this timeframe … Their harp and bowl, shekinah glory gold dust, Laughter insanity and more is a disgrace to Pentecost … And sadly immature sign seeking believers flock to the circus. Their knowledge (or refusal to apply the Word) regarding doctrine, and the critical importance thereof, is appalling. Their “revivals” Toronto, Brownsville and more brought in occultic kundalini with ecumenical underpinnings … and the whole group is more related to New Age than Christianity. These are perilous times … Deception is subtle in a way … Because it overcame “our very own” … Goes way back to Latter Rain … Kenyon, Brannam, Hall, Kuhlman and more. It’s been around a long enough that the “closets” of many lives are being revealed with false prophet descriptions –AA Allen (revivalist drunkard) Paul Cain … Homosexual/drunkard, Kuhlman — affair with manager, Ted haggard (homosexual), W. Brannam (cultist with Messiah complex) .. Todd Bentley and tons more crazies who have brought grave reproach on Christianity. I won’t even go into the TBN and other church channels that propagate and spread the delusions…

      You sound sincere .. But if you’re not of the NAR elk … I would make that abundantly clear … And I would stay a away from calling the apostle stuff crusty … The Word of God has NO crust whatsoever .. It is alive and powerful … We must … We must as Pentecostals KNOW solid doctrine (meat), abide by it, love it, teach it … we must be holy and other-worldly, we must hate the sin and love the sinner… We must “make disciples” not groupies, we must defend the faith once delivered to the saints … We must herald the soon return of Jesus Christ!

      • Should have proofed better “house or building” congregations either can go into error without abiding by doctrine … Including the “correction” of error process immediately … Rather than letting error grow into factions, etc.

      • Sharon,

        Be careful you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. God doesn’t use perfect vessels but redeemed vessels. You tone is very critical of everyone and everything. I’ve been a missionary for years and understand apostolic ministry. I was also a part of the Brownsville revival, and am familiar with other moves and men you mention. Many of them are genuine and fruitful.

        Putting out others’ candles does not make ours burn any brighter.

      • Interestingly, Jesus himself threatens the removal of a few “candle”sticks. My concerns aren’t to be a critic .. My concerns are to see TRUTH prevail … I didn’t go to Brownsville (so very glad) .. But many friends did … Some of them (including a pastor) are far from God now … The confusion and error that the hyper revival brought back to the local church caused much division … As the revivalist thought they would “bring it back” … the AG church My husband and I attended 35 years split down the middle …. And watched our pastor overwhelmed with demands for revival on one side and the other going after an Emergent thrust with Purpose Driven and Rick Warren … Although the church still stands .. It’s a shadow of what it once was. I was an adult Bible teacher there for 20 years … Didn’t leave because of the confusion … Rather assisted my daughter and her husband in a church plant … I’m 65 … Love Jesus with my whole being , love and honor his word … And love people … I have studied Dominion/Kingdom Now and Pentecostal history for some 15 years — my dad was a Pentecostal pastor/evangelist … Bottom line — Latter Rain never died out … And much of what you ascribe to is evidence of where you stand… Had I read more of your articles and blogs I wouldn’t have bothered to reply … You are obviously head over heels in these movements … That I believe are heretical … Rather, I will continue to minister to those who “lost their way thru false prophecies and emotional hype … And are now seeking healing … There are many …

      • “You are head over heels in these movements that I believe are heretical.” Wow! For someone who doesn’t know me you speak very freely. I’m saddened by the reactionary tone in your responses. It speaks to me of hurt and offense. 150,000 sinners were saved in the Brownsville revival. Many ministries were birthed around the world. Much ongoing fruit remains to this day. But you choose to critize it because of certain negative experiences that you attribute to the revival. Sad for you, very sad…

      • Let me guess—you don’t believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, either.
        Your opinion is so large, God can’t get through to you. The truth is, we are not going back to any past movements. It is a new era, saith the Lord. You are going to have to exercise faith. A new type of faith.

  3. This obviously looks like a case to agree to disagree without being disagreeable. I understand the concern over the abuses, excesses and errors…I do. But for every one that goes into error there are many more that are staying right down the middle. When I was in Bible school back in the 80’s one of my Instructors used to quote some famous minister from a bygone day and for the life of me I can’t recall who it was, but the quote said: “I would rather have wild fire than no fire at all.” Even with all the issues in some circles, there are elements that are right within them, they just need to have some correction to be brought to them. Whether or not it is received is not up to me or us, it is between them and God. But in my over 35 years of ministry I have learned to eat the hay and spit out the sticks. There are many that I don’t agree with doctrinally on every issue, but that does not mean that I can’t fellowship with them, or receive from them in areas where we do agree. It may just be that I have been through so many circles and camps since starting as a Baptist boy of 5 years of age some 47 years ago till now that I have a broad sense of the Body of Christ Universal and many of it’s facets. I know I will never agree with everyone on every issue, but I have made up my mind that I will not get into strife with anyone and will always disagree agreeably.

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