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We wrapped up the day Sunday with the tremendous blessing of being in the presence of God for 9 hours. Just got home and it is 9:00 pm.

We didn’t have any room this morning. I’m asking the Lord for direction and crying out for His timing. The Lord has directed me that He would be preparing a place that could host this outpouring.

There were people today that would be walking across the floor and get stopped still, unable to move. I know it’s legitimate because it happened to me on Saturday night. I was instantly glued to one spot and couldn’t move for an hour and a half. I would laugh and then weep.

We will not stop praying until the heavens are opened and the Lord moves in. I see you playing a vital role in this lasting move of God.

Please pray for provision. I know…

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2 thoughts on “OUTPOURING UPDATE

  1. Brother Bert, I am overwhelmed by the posts on the outpouring! Have you visited these prayer meetings and experienced this outpouring? I know that you were just down south visiting with Daniel. I am asking because I know the place of prayer I am in. This is why I want to hook up with you and Carolyn. Emy has asked me to pray for what he is doing in Lancaster. I have been praying with a very small group. The prayer has been powerful and every week souls are coming to the Lord. Would love to get together with you both. So many are not being taught the truth and as a result I see so many are deceived in this hour. Marie

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    • Marie,

      No, I have not visited the aforementioned outpouring. I wanted to visit when we were down south, but it didn’t work out. It is a spiritual son of mine that is going after God. We are home for sometime now. Call us.


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