Yesterday I reported on a sacred and holy outpouring of the glory of God somewhere in the southeast. I am not at liberty to give details because the Lord told the man who is leading it not to advertise it. I honor the Lord’s commandment to him, and I greatly respect the brother for keeping it. But he did give me permission to report on it to encourage others to press into deeper realms of prayer and consecration to God.

As some of you who follow our blogs know, I’ve been blogging on prayer since the beginning of the year, and this is a tremendous example of what can happen when we mean business with God. Here is our brother’s testimony of how this outpouring came to be:

I called for a time of prayer after the Holy Spirit arrested me on November 1, 2013, and the Lord said:

“I’m calling you into a love affair. Will you come?”

I responded after weeping:

“Yes, Lord but I’m bringing a people with me.”

And then the Lord said:

“That’s the response I was looking for!”

He also told me to make room for Him because He was coming in a way that I’d never experienced Him before. He told me to call His people into a sacred assembly and pray until!!!

On January 5th I called the church by example to nightly prayer. The more we prayed the more we desired prayer and transaction with the Holy Spirit.

The Lord also spoke to me that when I call for this time of prayer I should determine in my heart that if no one else comes, I should lead by example. He said that He honored Samuel when he would cry out alone on behalf of the people, and He would honor me.

He also said not to advertise this time of prayer assuring me that He would be my advertisement. So I told the people not to post it on Facebook or any social media.

People are beginning to come from various places and telling me that they felt they were supposed to stop by. A man came that had been diagnosed with bone cancer. While he was in the presence of the Lord he was healed. He returned to the doctor and there was no trace of cancer. Praise the Lord!

I’ve not mentioned this to many people, but the Lord has sent encampments in the Spirit of angelic hosts. I have seen and felt these ministering angels. I asked the Lord why so many. And He replied:

“They’ve been sent as a guard to my anointing that will increase gradually. I’m sending my glory in measure so you can stand and be able to carry what I’m doing.”

When I again asked Him how we can stand, He said to pray in tongues. (Jude 20-24)

I’m only preaching what the Lord births while under this heavy glory. We are in the beginning of a move that I don’t even want to belittle by calling it a revival. Bible belt revival concepts frustrate guys like us! We are crying out for a sovereign move and nothing else will work.

This move will be an apostolic movement that will be led by men who are moving in the Ephesians 4:11 mantle, you being one. This is a movement that will equip the saints with power and understanding.


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