I had to share this for three reasons:

1. I’ve been blogging on it!
2. It’s what true revivalists pray for, preach for, and live and die for.
3. This is an exact manifestation of what true prayer and consecration can birth, and it should encourage others to do the same.

Here is the report that just came in from a spiritual son of mine in the southeast. I’m not going to disclose his name or the name of his city or church because the Lord told him not to advertise it.

“We are preparing the house for anything to happen. We can’t move most of the time. After 35 days of prayer the glory is almost sedating people. I dismiss the service, and people can’t move for hours.

People are beginning to weep and go into travail on their jobs. It’s amazing!

I’m getting calls of spontaneous laughter and drunkeness while walking into the doors of their homes and on their property. And people are repenting in deep weeping and brokenness without an altar call, or before I minister the Word!”

This is what consecrated prayer will do.

Put no confidence in the flesh or in the counsel of man, but put your total trust in God. Let’s cooperate with the Holy Ghost and enter into the true prayer life. Meditate on these blogs on prayer and stir yourself up to seek Him like never before. He wants to do so much more!

Increase prayer in 2014!

Stay tuned for more as we follow this story…


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