I was raised in the Roman Catholic church. When I was in the Roman Catholic Church I did not enjoy communion with God. Being raised according to the traditions of men and not according to true Biblical knowledge, everything was dead, including the poor priest himself, whom we called father. Spiritual life had not yet come into me. Then one day when I called on the name of Jesus in faith, and was gloriously converted and received that life, I was immediately reconciled to God. My first promptings were to call God Father. I was no longer an orphan. Thus began my relationship and true fellowship with God.

One of the earliest words I remember hearing in my spirit from the Father as a very young believer were these: “Like the apostle John and his brother James I use to be a son of thunder until the Lord my God tucked me under His wing, nursed me, cared for me, and patched up my wounds. Then He sent me from the nest into all the world and I became a lovebird, sharing that great love with others wherewith the Lord my God loved me first.” — I wrote it down and dated it: 12/8/82

Some people might say that this wasn’t a prophecy, but they are mistaken. All prophecy is not from heaven to earth, and doesn’t need to have “thus saith the Lord” attached to it. You can readily see that in the Psalms when David and others were speaking to God. Inspired utterances can be from earth to heaven, and often are, when you are speaking to God under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Actually, under the unction of the Spirit prayer can be both ways, from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven.

That personal word I received might not mean much to anyone else, but it meant something to me and has come to pass in my life, and still is. There is word of wisdom in that word. When a person is born again he is awakened on the inside to the Spirit of truth. Then when he gets baptized into that Spirit, begins praying in tongues, and learns the Word, his spirit becomes more fine-tuned to hear the Lord. The Spirit of truth will speak whatever He hears and will show you things to come (John 16:13). What a promise!

There are many different ways God will speak to us and lead us, but the most common is by the inward witness – that velvety-like feeling on the inside, that peace, that know-so in your spirit. In the busy-ness of life with all its’ distractions and many voices, that witness is not always clear. Praying in other tongues and meditating on the Word will help sensitize that part of your being that communes with God and that inward witness will be stronger.

When Spirit-filled Christians come to me with a decision-making situation in their lives when they don’t know what to do, I’ll sometimes tell them to go pray for two hours in tongues, and when they’re through, they’ll usually know what to do. It really works if you’ll stay out of your natural mind.

The spirit of prophecy in prayer is what makes prayer enjoyable for me – when you are praying with the help and unction of the Spirit. This is real dialogue with God when you are speaking to Him and He is speaking to you either through prophecy, revelation, or interpretation of tongues. Many cannot tell the difference yet because they are still operating strictly out of their souls (minds) and not their spirits. With exercise and use in praying in other tongues and meditating in the Word that operation can change.

I think one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in prayer was in 2002 during an extended season of prayer and fasting, when through the excessive use of praying in tongues, I located the channel of my inner ear and heard God speak beautiful things to me. When that season of extensive prayer was over I had 30 documents worth of notes of God’s wisdom and counsel to me. In 2009 I put it in a book called, The Journal Of A Journey To His Holiness. Recently one woman minister read it and told me that it was the most powerful heartfelt message she’d ever read in 28 years of ministry. I was humbled and greatly encouraged by her testimony.

Why did this dear sister speak so highly of this book? Because she was edified by its’ words. The words were born in God’s heart and came forth under an unction of the Spirit through His interpretive processes. When you pray in tongues especially with interpretation there should be edification. If you are not being edified and built up in prayer, then something is wrong.

Most of my prayer life is not asking God for my personal needs. I’ve rolled the care of those needs upon Him. Now from time to time I may ask for prayer and agreement from close friends concerning a pressing situation or a need in my life or ministry, but for the most part, my prayer life consists of ministering to the Lord in worship, praise, and thanksgiving and praying in other tongues. From that place then there is often revelation, guidance, and direction, and the inward witness of the Spirit is stronger with more assurance.

Saints, you can learn to pray this way! Yes, you can; yes, you can! Start praying in other tongues more. Your spirit has a voice. Your spirit has a language. It’s not English, or Spanish, or French, or German, or any other language known to man. Your spirit’s language is a heavenly language. It’s the linguistics of the kingdom of God. And what a joy it is when your pent-up, stuffy spirit has the privilege of praying in this language and speaking msyteries to God. Glory!!!


3 thoughts on “­PRAYER: THE LANGUAGE OF THE SPIRIT (Part 4)

  1. What if I dont know how to pray in tongues? I’ve asked The Lord to show me, but I still can’t. ..what do I do? I want this intimacy with Him. Any advice?

    • Emerald,

      It sounds like you need to be baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. This is a supernatural experience. In the scriptures every time the early Christians were baptized in the Holy Ghost it is stated or implied that they spoke in tongues (Acts 2, 8, 9, 10, and 19). You should expect to do the same. It will help you to read Acts 2:4 real slow meditating on every word. If you are born again and have received Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour then you can expect to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Just pray a simple prayer like: “Heavenly Father, I’ve been born again and I am your child. Now please help me to receive the precious baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I’m going to open my mouth now and speak forth those words and syllables which you give me utterance for.” Now put some action to your faith and just start speaking in tongues.

      May God richly bless your heart’s desire for intimacy with Him. Make sure to get in a church that teaches the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

      Bert Farias

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