In Ezekiel 47 we find a rising river bringing life wherever it goes. This was the same river that flowed in the book of Acts that produced power to save, heal, and deliver. In Acts 2 divers tongues. In Acts 3 the healing of a crippled man. In Acts 4 the building shook and generosity flowed. In Acts 5 pride and hypocrisy were kept out and an unusual judgment miracle brought about the death of a husband and wife. Well, you get the picture. Power, life, and glory were flowing in that river. Nothing could stand in its way. Opposition, persecution, riots, troubles, and devils could not stop this mighty moving river.

The key was in following that river, or better said, following the Spirit of God. He is the river. In prayer, revelation came to my wife and I about the feet. Many are taking natural steps in life but are missing the spiritual steps they can take that produces favor and effectual power in their lives and ministries on the earth.

Notice in Acts 16 Paul’s feet endeavored to go preach the gospel in Asia, but the Holy Spirit forbade him and his team from going there. Then again the feet of his team tried to go into Bithynia and the Spirit did not permit them again. Then a vision in the night confirmed that Macedonia was the place. Women’s feet went and prayed by the river and the Lord opened Lydia’s heart. A church was planted in her house. From that house a city was shaken and sent into an uproar because a divination devil was cast out and ruined the profit of its masters. Paul and Silas were beaten with rods and cast into prison, their feet fastened in stocks. Interesting.

The prison couldn’t hold them. Prayer and praise in the prison shook its foundations and their feet were loosed. They were in Macedonia in the will of God. They had the backing of heaven because they were in the river. Annoyance of that spirit of divination, opposition from its masters, beatings, and imprisonment could not stop the river of God because Paul and Silas kept themselves in it. If they had complained even in the prison the river may have dried up.

Following the Spirit of God will keep you in the river. Let your feet be guided by Him. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! The prisoners and Lydia’s household in Acts 16 knew this well for they received salvation from the messengers of those feet. The feet God calls beautiful are not only those who preach good news but those who follow the Spirit.

Activity is only beautiful in the Spirit.

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