Powerboat vs. Sailboat Churches

As guardians of local churches, shepherds have been entrusted with such a great responsibility. They can either be a lock or a key to opening the door to the move of the Spirit of God in their midst. The Word of God is our foundation, but the Holy Spirit supplies the life. The more we follow the leading of the Spirit the greater will be the life flow in our meetings.

The only way to see a turnaround in many local churches today is to focus first on personal and leadership renewal, and then congregational renewal. Let everything else be subservient to that order, including our mission and structure. What happens, though, is we usually work this in reverse. We establish our mission and structure and then attempt to breathe life into it, instead of following the life of the Spirit and then facilitating that life with the necessary structure. There is a world of difference between these two approaches. Unless renewal happens first, all is in vain.

These two approaches are like the difference between a powerboat and a sailboat mentality. A powerboat runs on the human fuel of education, leadership books, programs, going to seminars and conferences, and fine-tuning systems of the church, but a sailboat is dead in the water if the wind doesn’t blow. Being a sailboat is difficult for the program-oriented, “bigger is better” – American culture activist, but it is the only way to glory.

Let us endeavor to be sailboats for the glory of God. Be encouraged, He will not disappoint those who put their trust in Him.

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