A Demon Tells All

In 2009 I was ministering in Gambia West Africa. In one of the meetings as the saints broke out in dancing and joy a demon possessed young man was struck by the power of God on the streets next to the facility. He froze and couldn’t move. Finally the men brought him into the meeting and we cast the evil spirit out of him and ministered salvation and the Holy Ghost to him.

As I interviewed this young man named Thomas afterwards, I became fascinated with his testimony. For 12 years he’d been under the spell of Satan. From a very young age demons unveiled the spirit world to him as degree by degree they possessed him.

I asked Thomas many questions and I will not elaborate on the entire interview I had with him, but I want to enforce one main point that was very compelling to me. I asked him if he’d ever sought to be delivered from these demons. He told me that he’d visited many churches, but none could help him. As a matter of fact, instead of being helped the demons in Thomas often hurt the amateur exorcists.

For example, in the largest Chrismatic church in the country the demon in Thomas slapped the pastor and ransacked his office, repeatedly telling him that this church had no power to set him free. “All this church does is talk about money and they don’t live holy.” the demon said. Can you believe a demon said that? Demons know churches. Demons know men. “Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you?” (Acts 19)

This incident made me wonder: How many of our churches are really a threat to Satan’s kingdom? Many do not even believe in the supernatural. Others profess to believe in it, but have no works to show for it. And still there are others who are just talking to themselves.


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